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Hi my name is Josh Mansfield. I'm currently DEP'd into the Marine Corps and waiting to be shipped off to boot camp. Been an atheist as long as I can remember but have only recently (6 years) been open about it.
Not quite sure which MOS I'll be choosing as i have a few interests. Maybe I can get some feedback from friendlies here?
Looking forward to serving next to other proud atheists. God Bless the US... haha just kidding ;]
Hi all. My name is Rich Clayton. I live in Cleveland, Tennessee (Home of the World Headquarters of the Church of God). I served aboard the USS Georgia (SSBN 729) from '92-'96. I'm currently an HVAC technician/electrician. Glad I found this group.
I am ex-Army, now work contracting, supporting all services. raised an Army brat, currently living on the Jersey Shore. No, not like them. i have been an Atheist since birth, though my family tried to indoctrinate me into the Catholic Church, my brothers succumbed to the virus. Not till about 10 years ago, have I even thought about my position. With the rise of the Religious Right and the expansion of the internet, I felt the need to connect with others on the issue. The anonymity of the net vocalized people, and brought them out in the open to reach out to like minded people. Seems they can't shut us up now.
Hi, I'm Pat. U.S Army from 1970-1973. MOS was 21G - programmer test station operator on the Pershing Missile System. The weapons system no longer exists, but can be found in the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. Was deployed in (at that time) West Germany. Got out an E-4, and work as an attorney (thank you G.I. Bill) in Southern Illinois.
IaOrana Ia Oe! Hello to all, I am an atheist and have been from the very beginning. I am a retired US Navy Chief. Having served from 1954 through 1974. My first few years were miserable, but after becoming an electronics technician, I found that the better educated you were the less that your religion or lack therof mattered. I have always managed to get thru the re-enlsitment ceremony using my original Blue Jackets Manual, with a copy of the constitution and bill of rights tucked away inside. When I broke out my book, the CO's actually gave me a "Bravo Zulu", I never heard a word about I had to take the oath one a bible nor would I use the term "So Help Me God".. I retired out as an E-7 Chief, but I was one of the leading electronics technicians in the Navy at the time. After Retirement I became a CETA and right back to the Navy as a LCDR equivalent. I served as the CETA on 2 guided missle Destroyers and a LPH as civilian Ships Company...

My original dog tags were originally marked Prot as they would not let me be an atheist. After I had gotten enough horse power to where I could make my voice heard I had those tags changed to Atheist and never heard anything about it. Back in the mid 70's was the start of the Evangelisation of the Navy and I was told by several junior officers and their cadres that they would be in control in the very near future.. They were pretty well right on that, but I think that we still can get the church out of our military and the government if we work at it and never loose sight of the fact that we all are responsible for each other and each critter. We all come from exactly the same original creature or what ever. If there were a break in the evolution chain, none of us would be here....
Hey, my name is Tyler. I was a paratrooper with the 782nd MSB, 82nd Airborne Division with one tour in Iraq in '03. I had what I considered to be a nervous breakdown shortly after. I didn't finish my enlistment, but I'm glad I did my time, I love my country, and I feel indebted to every service member, etc....

I grew as a Christian while I was in the Army, but soon discovered it was all crap. Thankfully, I live in a country where I can renounce religion without being killed. However, it's still hard to admit to anyone I'm an Atheist. I find it easier to admit my bout with suicide than to admit my non-belief. Plus, I live in Kansas. Not exactly a hopping bed of apostasy. I'm sure I'd be chased out of town with pitchforks if it was too widely known.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who served who didn't get sucked into it all.
I am Amanda Lee Alexander , a pv2 in the army and still in AIT at FT Stewart Georgia (I'm a medical labratory technition so I'm one of the ten ait students on this base doing clinicals). I live off post with my husband and my cats and I am an athiest (been that way for about 8 years). I'm 20 years old without kids and was just looking for support being the only athiest I know of in my area.
I was at Fort Stewart for 9 years and just left in April. There are a whole lot of non believers in the area, if you actually decide to socialize outsides of Hinesville or Jesup. There are several meetups in the area as well. Check out the ones in Statesboro and some of the "Cthulhu" groups in Savannah. If you drive out towards Riceboro, you can check out the Christian Servicemen's Center (barracks). The barracks is the maroon log style building. IF you live in Liberty Woods you can ask about the family that had a very heathen holiday light display with Atom, Cthulhu and FSM. We're at Benning now and actually miss the efficency and customer service of everthing in and around Fort Stewart...really. It's that bad around here. and Columbus kinda sucks.
I actually grew up here so I'm familiar with the area, I know some of my civilian friends that are athiests, but I just don't know many service memebers and I will check out the things that you mentioned. Oh and speaking of fsm, I actually have a small fsm necklace I wear all the time as my religious symbol ^.^

Just realized I never introduced myself in here . . .


I'm Tim, a SSG on active duty in the Army stationed at Hunter Army Airfield.  I work in an organization with a TON of atheists/agnostics but nobody will talk about it publicly or openly, and they keep "No Religious Preference" on their ERB/ORB/dogtags.  I've kind of had my fill of it and am partially out of the closet at this point, but haven't shut the door.  I'd like to get to know some of the other MAAF types at HAAF and Ft. Stewart . . .


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