The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has added Frank Schaeffer as a board member.
I've read his book, "Crazy for God." For what it's worth I have mixed feelings about this appointment.
But, reading his book I have mixed feelings about him and his family. They run from pure sympathy to confusion to well, hate.
Now, that all said and done, Mr. Schaeffer left the so called "Christian Coalition" and is very open about his distaste for the group.
He receive hate mail from some of his former fans.
I've been a life long atheist. I guess you could say that officially did not believe in God when I was 6. I didn't know I was an "atheist" but did later.
Back in high school during a discussion in class mentioned that I did not believe in God. A couple of people just got mad as hell at me. Why? Because I didn't believe in an invisible guy in the sky. These people were just down right PO'd.
In college I found two others who were atheists. They were two of my fraternity brothers. Those are the only two I ever met in college.
So, I can understand how it must feel for Mr. Schaeffer to receive hate mail from his former fans.
But I have had to watch how today's so called "Republican Party" came to what it is. Thanks to Mr. Schaeffer and his family.
Maybe he is paying his "penance" for what he and his family help bring about on our country.
The first time I ever heard of Mr. Schaeffer was when he was on Rachael Maddow's show this past summer when the late term abortion doctor was assassinated.
His statement of, "You don't change the village to fit the village idiot" was very profound.
Having attended the Texas Freethinkers Convention this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas, several of the speakers new of Mr. Schaeffer and his late father.
This should be interesting to see what Mr. Schaeffer brings to this organization.

I find it interesting that he's joined. This man grew up in Europe in the 1950's and 1960's. He missed the turmoil of the 1960's. I find his take on the Pro Choice people and supporters, well, a bit off. His view is that the "liberals" would not budge an inch when it came to Rove vs Wade.
Having been an active member in the Republican Party in my home town, I remember when the so called "Christian Coalition" came to our precinct meeting and brought their agenda. Heads did turn when they presented it.
Now this was the only Congressional district in Texas, if not the entire US that carried Berry Goldwater in the 1964 election. Mama and Papa Bush had their "official" residence in a hotel across the highway from where we lived. In fact, when Daddy Bush left the Presidency his office was across the highway from us. His home wasn't far either.
So this congressional district is by no means "liberal" in any way shape or form.
So when the issue of abortion came up the general response was it was none of "your" business.
But the "Christian" people were not going to quit. And they didn't. They took over the party and got ride of everyone else. And if you stood in their way, they'd come after you with everything.
Very mean spirited people.
So at least in our neck of the woods, there was nothing "liberal" about our views on abortion.
So what are your thoughts on this?

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I remember Larry...I remember. But hey, Mr. Schaeffer and his family helped change all that. Now he feels bad about it.
I sure he feels so bad about it that he doesn't even cash the checks from the books and movies he made while help creating the Christian Coalition.
I've got some really mixed feelings about people like that....




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