I would like to know if you are hassled much for your atheism in the military. I was in the army way back in 1964 and was a believer at that time so I noticed nothing as far as atheist being in the service.I belong to a group called Freedom from religion and has an outreach to help atheist being discriminated against. Has any one here heard of the group or was aided by them ?

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I was on the battlefield. Gunned a tank. I got kinda pissed when our C/O said their are no atheists in foxholes and actually got a company grade article 15 for yelling out "You're full of shit, Sir." but other than that, I never got any shit for my lack of belief. I wish I would have. lol

I don't no how you got Atheist on your dog tags. I was told I couldn't do that. Under religion I could put "none" but not Atheist.
MAAF helps atheists who are discriminated against and we work closely with FFRF. I just talked with Dan Barker last weekend.

Those with issues should contact MAAF and FFRF and others, but MAAF tries to be a clearing house for these issues and we bring in outside assistance when appropriate.


ps. the military has Atheist as an option, along with other items. Things like "Jedi" are generally acquired through commercial tag printers. maaf.info/faq.html
I was undeclared as an athiest while in the Marine Corps (66-70). Catholic was on the dogtags. It was more like "don't ask, don't tell". Actually, I don't think anyone during my time of service was particularly religious, except a couple of Mormons. They were hassled lightly for not drinking coffee or beer, and never cursing, even after running over a land mine.
I'm not sure if this was how it was when I was in but, I was specifically told I could NOT put "Atheist" on my dag tags. I'm not denying that you can't now but, I know we couldn't. I was in from 02/11/01-02/11/2004. I was stationed in Fort Benning Ga. There was a place off post called "Ranger Joe's" that would make dog tags how ever you wanted them BUT, we where told that if we had uniform inspections in formation and they found us to have anything on our uniform that was not Govt. issue or s.o.p. then we would get an article 15. I never fought it because I didn't think it was that important at the time.I DID write "Atheist" on the front of my CVC helmet. On the back it said "Yeah we ARE in fox holes" My tank commander hated it but his said "Fuck 'em all!" so there wasn't much he could say about it
I apologize if this is a bit necro-posty.

I don't remember what "religion" was put on my dog tags in 2000 (lost those not too long after I got to my first duty station) when I enlisted but I remember saying that I didn't have any religious preferences. Maybe the field on my tags was left blank or said "NONE."

I was Army, Combat Engineer from 00-04, my first duty station was Ft Stewart, GA. On post there was a sewing shop that would make dog tags with anything you'd want. The tags didn't look any different from what was issued in Basic. I never put Atheist on my tags but I did put A/O for "Assault and Obstacle" the name of the first platoon I was assigned to for my "religion." Nobody ever paid any attention unless they were in the same platoon.

"I DID write "Atheist" on the front of my CVC helmet. On the back it said "Yeah we ARE in fox holes" ...

Fuckin' awesome.




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