It appears that the Army NIPR system in Korea is using a new filtering system to block websites. Its sad to say that Atheist Nexus is on the blocked list.
I'm hoping that if enough review requests are made that it will change how the company that manages the filter labels us here. We are currently labeled as Political/Activist Groups and Social Networking. I don't feel this is correct.
If you go to this site you can look up and request a review based on your opinion of the site. I have done this already but it hasn't changed the status of the site to the filter.
I have talked with the NIPR admin but no luck. I'm currently using a proxy server to access the site. Yes the proxy isn't block but A|N is, go figure. To be fair I've checked to see if religious, political or social networking sites are blocked. I have yet to find any that are. I can get on FB, which I see as a much larger security issue.
Any help would be nice.

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Truth to tell. There are many types of social networking base programs that are still blocked by Blue Coat. If you try to pull up revelry it will likely be blocked. Beleive it or not, some of the religious social networking sites use similar programs and will also be blocked. ThinkAtheist will likely not come up either. I have dealt with it before but ultimately...why are you socializing on a NIPR drop anyway?
I'm stationed at a remote location and the only connection we have is NIPR. If I was able to have commercial access I would. Since there are no prohibitions against using it in this way I don't see the issue. If I could get them to allow XLM I would spend my time doing course work instead. But that isn't the case. Anyway it worked until recently when they switched from Smart Filter to Blue Coat.

There are probably others in that religion category.  Before you get too far though, I would want to ask about their filters.  If they filter social networking sites like or, then I wouldn't bother trying to get AN unblocked.

It might be more relevant to see if they block,, and other sites.

The first thing is that A|N is not political/activist.  It should be listed under social networking and maybe religion.  The question is whether those categories of sites are blocked.  It's also good to point out other sites that may be allowed.  Here are a few that should be political/activist:

If aclj is unblocked and aclu is blocked, then we follow up.  Or if Holy See is unblocked and is blocked, then that's a different story.  is listed as Religion  is listed as Alternative Spirituality/Belief  is listed as Military  is listed as Charitable Organizations  is listed as Religion   is listed as Government/Legal  is listed as Political/Activist Group

It also says this "This Web page matches a list of high-profile URLs which are rated correctly and will not be rated differently, thus it cannot be submitted via this page."  is listed as Religion

facebook, myspace are listed as social networking

It also says this "This Web page matches a list of high-profile URLs which are rated correctly and will not be rated differently, thus it cannot be submitted via this page."


The blocking is based on the Blue Coat definition of the site. I would like to point out that anything defined as Political/Activist Group is blocked. None of the major social networking sites are blocked.

I agree with Dennis that the G-6 is not consistent in their blocking habits. I have also had a hard time getting to some .mil sites. I remember a time last year when the firewall was blocking AKO. This was not the Blue Coat system but the Smartfilter. Anyway I know that A|N is listed incorrectly on Blue Coat but have no way of getting them to change it.

I'm telling you that Army G-6 and the Blue Coat filter is very erratic. I have been blocked from .mil and .gov sites and then it's hit and miss with the .org sites. It's another dysfunctional, nonsensical piece of military crap.


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