I am moving across the country.  Since I have to pay for a moving company, I am dumping weight.  I still have all my old coffee stains from the Gulf War.  I became disabled due to the war and these are the uniforms I wore when it happened.  I can't explain why exactly, but I just can't stand the thought of some bubba bo hick wearing my old uniforms to tramp around the woods playing soldier.  Irrational, I know, but there it is. 

I know the coffee stains are being phased out.  But does anyone still use them?  We have several Reserve and National Guard Facilities in my area.  I know the Guard and Reserves sometimes keep uniforms longer than the active duty. 

Irrational as it may be,  I just don't feel like some stay at home, never done anything for anyone let alone served their country bo hick has the right to wear the uniform that so many people have sacrificed so much for.  I didn't feel this way about my blues or my BDUs, but my coffee stains are different.  I would almost rather throw them away than give them to Goodwill. 

What else can I do with them other than give them to Goodwill?

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I found a local Army Reserve unit that will take them for training. Yipee!


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