I am tired of being in a meeting or brief which includes a prayer.  I do not lower my head and I stand there frustrated as they beg the support and protection of God and end in Jeebus' name.  This is all too often a feature of any command I report to, and I am getting sick of it. 

Anyone else out there in the same boat?

How do you handle it?

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no shit!
In the Navy, every night while we are on a ship underway, they do evening prayers at 9:55 pm. These are always done by Christians, and they are always agenda driven. They rarely just read a biblical passage and then stop, they must add personal notes.

This usually equate the "bless the puppies, our families back home, and I hope everyone has a good day at work." These are obviously my attempts to make them look slightly more ridiculous than the really are, but I'm not completely off-base.

The way i deal with it personally is that I have an alram clock/ipod set to blare loud rock music from 9:54 pm to 10:00. If I have to hear white noise every night for 5 minutes, it's going to be noise of my choice.
Dont forget the spiritually enlightening "Loord, bless us during this evalution period and grant us success...". The invocation of Gawd before shipboard certification in any area.... the results of which, of course, directly influences their fitreps and consequential advancement.
I almost feel as though I was there for that one!
In 15 years on active duty I never bowed my head for any of the superstitious stuff. Never even attended any of the craziness if I had a choice. It was generally known in most of the units I was in that I was not one of "them". I even went in front of a promotion board once for E-6 in a unit where the unit motto was Toujours Pret(Always Ready in French). When I had finished the board, the commander of the board, the Battalion Sergeant Major, returned my salute and said "Do ya pray?" with a smile on his face. I wasn't even sure I had heard him right until after I left the room. I passed the board, by the way.
Not usually an option for the ones I attended...
I have had a mix of experiences on those matters.  Several occasions in the past required interfacing with the Chaps, they usually ask about my faith and that is when things get interesting...
"Ignorance is the greatest evil." You have to understand that most supervisors are "culture captives." Belief is not fact. One's perceptions of "reality" may not involve actuality. Arguing (debating) with misguided fanatics is like talking to a billboard. As an active duty ANG officer, I had to deal with many, both subordinate, and even Flag rank. I found the best method was to say nothing (It's always your mouth that gets you in trouble!). Silence, and an appropriate facial expression usually conveys adequately. For insistent talkers, the best cut-off is to ask the question: "What is our mission here?" (i.e., redirect).
God(s) is/are a mental escape mechanism from pain. Most humans will do anything to reduce pain, and we each have our own methods.
One must suffer the ignorance of others.
I agree to a capacity, but I dont relish the idea of being sent into harms way by someone who feels that any of the inherent flaws of their planning "is in Gods hands..."

I was with 5th Marines and the only time I had problems is when I was working as the embark NCO for my grunt unit (30% of my unit was Atheist or Agnostic). So I had to work with a lot of non-infantry when embark stuff came up and they were amazed that I even existed, they had never met an Atheist before, probably never asked. They pointed me out to everyone that was there that I didn't believe in god, you know, asking why, aren't you afraid of going to hell. It never came into their head to question why they believe, like "Do you believe in talking snakes and unicorns?", "Well no", "They're in the Bible". As I said before, 30% of my unit was Atheist or Agnostic, we were Division Crew Served Weapons competition champs four years in a row and won the Meritorious Unit Citation. If you don't constantly question why your doing something and come up with a good reason for it you can never become better.   

Eh, once my unit up in FT Lewis walked a ruck march to donate toys for less fournaute kids which was a good cause but some asshole of an officer, the rank escapes me but he was higher than a CPT, stood in front of the formation and said: "If you are standing here in this formation you believe in a God. I do not care what God but none of you do not. No one who does not believe would be standing here."

I audiably muttered under my breath "Nope, still says Atheist on my dog tags."

LOL... the assertion of certainty that your goodness is based on the warm fuzzies you share with an invisible sky daddy! 




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