Okay when I was a kid there was a draft. Now, I fell into that group that didn't have to register for the draft. But I did go see the Army recruiter to see if I still had to sign up. No, I didn't. But now times have changed. To day we have the all Volunteer Army. Have had it since the early 1970's. In fact, there are few in the service who were around when there was a draft. Mind you they can be found in such places are the Reserves and National Guard.
But today in the news we see a former Warrant Officer who is 50 being recalled for duty overseas. OH MY GOD THE MAN IS 50! So what? I knew a women whose step father was 59.5 and being deployed to Iraq. He told them how old he was and that he’d be 61 when he retuned. They said no problem and shipped his ass.
Well, so far, and this is just my opinion, that we’ve fought this “war” on the cheap. By cheap I mean that no one has been inconvenience. What I mean by that is no one was forced to go to war against their will.
The baby boomers kiddies didn’t have to take time off from school or work to put on a uniform and go fight. They didn’t run the risk of getting wounded, or killed or having to do without, or make their bed in the morning.
To make up for the shortage of military personnel, the government has turned to contractors. Jobs that use to be done by military personnel are now done by civilian contractors. Contractors who make a ton more money then the troops who use to do the very same job.
The public has not been asked to give up anything or sacrifice anything. They can drive their cars as fast at they want. They don’t have to worry about conserving energy. They don’t have to ration certain types of foods, or for that matte anything.
The end result of this is a military that is worn down.
In fact, the burden of a nation, a whole nation in fact, has been shouldered on a select few of the population.
That’s not fair.
Now I won’t go into the politics of this thing, but to perform the missions and achieve in the end “victory” we need to expand the military.
So is it time to have a draft and have more citizen “share” the burden?
What do you think?
Just FYI, I read that in World War II the US military was broken down into this ratio:
60 % were drafted, 40% enlisted. Actually it was more then 60% were drafted but I don’t remember the exact number. Yes, that means less then 40% joined on their own.

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Sorry to hear about that. Are you able to keep current on computer issues? That's one of the things I found out after the dot com bust. Met a lot of IT types doing other jobs because there weren't any to be had. They said that if you were unemployed for more then 6 months you were behind the power curve because things changed so quickly in the field.
Of course anyone can be retrained. But at that time there were so many after the bust that it was a buyers market.
Reminds me of the early 90's and the downsizing. WHICH BY THE WAY...started under Daddy Bush in 1989, not under Clinton who was then Gov of Arkansas. Anyway, got this girl in our BN. She wanted to retrain in some 71 area. She was a 71L and they wouldn't let her. So she gets out and into the Reserves. What do they do, they put in the MOS she wanted to retrain in.
Sadly she got out of the Reserves. She just couldn't accept the fact that while it is all part of the same Army, it was a different animal.
I don't believe in a draft. There should be no draft in a free society. If there is popular support for the war then there should be enough soldiers to fight. The powers that be need to take that into consideration.

If there was a clear and present danger to Canada I would fly back and join.

The Canadian army is running into the same problem as the American army in that the boys are doing multiple tours and it is having negative effect on families, the army and the country. As an example, the increase in suicides in the Canadian army.



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