Soldiers Without Heaven  if this doesn't get you started nothing will.

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You posted this the day I ETSed
Pure craziness! I got out before this test started. I wonder the discrimination and further training they would have made me do if I flunked the spiritual section? The comments by that pastor did piss me off. Ignorant bastards that question my strength and courage get me going. If anything an atheist soldier is the most admirable soldier. He/she has chosen that job for reasons other than a quicker demise to get to heaven or where ever. Ugh, now I'm going to be ranting in my head about this for awhile lol

Hello you all smart/realistic peoples. My first post....

Like George Bush Sr said, Athiests cannot be Patriots, I didn't put that in quotations as I don't have his words in front of me at the moment. But rest assured that got me pissed off and my 'failing' in life being that I hold grudges, am still pissed off. These zealots are the ones that think this country (USA) was based on their damned religion, and hence, since their teeny little minds think their belief in the supernatural is the center of the universe, we Atheists/nontheists must be empty husks, like mindless bags of skin walking around.


The dumbest things I have ever heard of come from the religious and the dumbest people I have known are not only religious, but fanatically so.

He is actually only alleged to have said it. It was reported only by one journalist who claims he said it, but other journalists in the area say they did not hear the statement. It is thus hearsay.

On another note, as widely reported as the alleged statement was, Bush did not deny it either.




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