Some people become atheists post religion, and some have been that way as long as they can remember. So what's your story?

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I don't think religion ever jived with me from early on. Even as a kid the stories sounded so absurd. All I had to do was crack open a story on Greek mythology and go 'Wow, these sound equally ridiculous.' I did experiment with the ideas of Buddhism, Wicca, and other spiritualist religions in the hope that I wouldn't turn out to 'just be an Atheist', because my dad didn't like that idea. But I was always an Atheist, I think. Nothing else ever made sense.

The church I was born into gets ALL the credit. It founded a xian school with a curricliam that infussed biblical stories and the creation as truth to be made unaware of actual facts as a young person. The plot twisted for me when I didn't go to a xtian college like the church desired I was shocked and awed to enter this world of information that the church viewed as "worldly" and evil. Once I was able to seperate fact from fiction for myself I was immediately skeptical of the bible and found real answers in books that are not fictional but factual. Ater a few years I am comfortable in admitting that I am an Atheist and I now celebrate xmas by taking the christ out and I now look forward to Sundays. I really wish everyone in this world could feel as free as I do now because I sure was made to feel cut off and alienated when I was under the magic spell of religion.


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