I read a piece on a Morrocan woman who, told that she must give birth to her rapist's child, committed suicide instead.  In a comment to the story, it was mentioned that religious people "like bin Laden" treat scripture as if it were a cafeteria, pointing to divine instructions as whim or current tribal policies dictate.  In this way, of course, the Bible can be made to mean anything, even if there is no accountability for the selectivity.

Cherry picking "holy" (holey?) books is as old as Genesis.and is common in all faiths. Sean Faircloth, in his superb new book, Attack of the Theocrats, characterizes it as "religion a la carte." Like the God of the O.T., modern religious folk take from scripture whatever they need to justify positions on all manner of social conventions. I say, "like the God of the O.T." because Yahweh/Jehovah apparently supports father-daughter incest but decries homosexuality, things that supposedly happened in the life of Lot, who impregnated his daughters once his wife was supposedly turned into a pillar of salt. Of course it is entirely possible that old Lot made up the pillar silliness as an excuse to pork his own, i.e. Lot may have been a born pedophile.

The entire story of Sodom and Gomorrah is an object lesson in logical fallacies and obfuscations that eventually, by commentaries and such, warped the sins of Sodom from xenophobia to same-sex sexuality: the Procrustian denizens of both cities of the plain actually were guilty of a sin worse at that time than "sodomy": the refusal to welcome nomadic peoples arriving at a city with the full gamut of one's household at a time when small tribes welcomed on the one hand the opportunity to share in things the camels may have brought along and on the other hand many days' travel under hellish conditions looking forward to a great meal and toss in Lot's hay. These desert warlord peoples were a randy lot and probably messed around with their goats as well. As a mostly nomadic desert people, the caravan was as taxing as a cattle drive; guys got horny.

Why don't all men grow long hair like the Hassidic people in New York City? Why do some men shave? Why do some go to church on Sunday when God made Friday afternoon at Sundown the beginning of the Sabbath? In fact as Saint George Carlin asked, "Why is it a Christian woman cannot cover her head in a synagogue but must cover her head in a cathedral? Tip: religious nuts are an abomination unto the Lord. (That would be the great standup comic, Lord Buckley (Richard), who said in one rift he didn't want to offend anyone but he didn't know "about that Jehovah cat, I can't read him," and followed with the secular humanist oath: "I worship people, I really do. I like a god I can get my hands on...I like a god I can get my brains on....")

At least one prophet avoided the risk of being misused and thus misunderstood when he wrote his own commentary to the "holy book" received from his muse in Cairo in 1904.  The first commandment for interpreting The Book of the Law was: don't.

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