One of the frequent contributors to Frisco-Online has spoken to his Rabbi about meeting with us and got a positive response. I haven't spoken to him yet but I intend to make contact this week.
I have a couple of questions for everyone about this.
Are you likely to come to a Meet the Rabbi event?
Do you feel strongly that we should keep it "local"? I don't know yet if this Rabbi is associated with B'nai Israel in Frisco - if not, then technically he's a Plano Rabbi.

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I'm likely to go.
Yes, I would definitely come to a Meet the Rabbi event, but I don't want no foreigners! Just kidding. It does not matter to me if he's from Plano.
There is a slight chance that I may...depending upon date and time. I don't care about locality.
Curses - - our esteemed Rabbi is not able to meet with us for a good long time. Alas, I've got to get creative and come up with another guest.
Gotta bow out on this one too. I dislike all "priests" equally regardless of what religion they are from. (I'll give a pass to the pastafarians!)




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