Yesterday, a couple of new folks asked to have their names added to the distribution list for meetup reminders. So we can probably expect to see our ranks swell a little bit more.

I swear...I haven't really been busting my hump trying to get the group to grow. It's just starting to feel like momentum is building.

Any ideas on why things are going so well?
Is it a matter of being in the right place at the right time?
Is this normal for a town of 100K souls?
Does the zero-pressure, no membership, no expectations, no requirements format help?
Would more structure help or hurt?
Is the venue the big attraction?
Is monthly too frequent? not frequent enough?

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I don't really like II Brothers very much, but I can't think of anywhere else that would allow us to move tables around, isn't very expensive, and has beer.

I think monthly is good. Every two weeks would be nice for when you can't make one, then you don't have to wait so long. I doubt anyone would actually go every two weeks though.

And yes, no pressure is always good I think. Adding some kind of structure would make me uncomfortable.
Oh, it would be nice to have a Google Calendar though.
If the national average of 14% non-believers were applied to Frisco, then we have roughly 14,000 potential members or whatever you want to call them. Personally, I think that number would be a little high so lets say there are 10,000 non-believers/agnostics in the area. We have to assume that most of them are closet atheists because of where they live, work, etc. That still leaves a lot of potential "members" to come out and join our little group.

Why are things going well? My guess is because you are not longer just advertising the meeting on the Frisco-online board. there appears to be a much large majority of believers there so we are less likely to pull in from there. now that you are on the atheist nexus, the likelihood of finding more people to come is vastly improved.

With atheists, I really don't think that you can structure as much or make requirements. As I said to someone at the meeting this past week, the reality is that the only real thing that ALL atheists have in common is a lack of belief in deities and that is not enough to hold a group together. Once you start talking politics or any other subject, we are not like a church where you are going to find a majority or right wingers and instead will find varying and conflicting opinions on these sticky subjects.

As for the venue, it kind of sucks, but that is where we meet so that is where I go. If we could find a better location that would accommodate us and allow for more people to join us, that would be great.

Bi weekly would be better, and give the opportunity for people to come who may not be able to make a meeting rather than having to wait a whole month for the next get together. I would probably attend most of them as long as I didn't have a hockey game on that night.




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