Well I haven't read much on here yet.But I love the idea of no censorship.I can not remember how many times I've said a "curse" word.Not even thinking twice,because as far as I'm concerned it's just a part of me,it's how I express myself.Sometimes it makes things more clear,especially when you're expressing anger,or annoyance at a person or situation.People tend to get so offended at mere words.I don't get it.They act like their ears are going to bleed.If I'm not mistaken the constitution gives us the right to freedom of speech.Which as we know does have it's limits.But nowhere have I ever heard,or seen a rule about not swearing.It does say you shouldn't say things that may cause physical hazards to the persons around you.Example yelling "fire!" in a crowded theatre.Thus causing chaos,and panic.Putting everyone in a situation where they could hurt themselves,and eachother.I'm sure that would also go for...let's say walking into a neighborhood where you know the dominant "gang" is the krypts.(Since just about everyone is familiar with the krypts and bloods.)So you walk into this "krypt neighborhood" and yell "Oh what up my homies.Bloods in the house!Long live the red!"
Obviously in this stupid move,you'd cause trouble not only for yourself,but everyone in that neighborhood,and in the line of fire.
As I was saying.The rules pretty much protect us from bringing physical hazards to eachother and ourselves.Then,as I'd seen mentioned somewhere else on here,they protect from misinformed info,and blatant lies.(As far as press goes.)The thing I don't get is.How did it turn into the mess it is today?Why can we not curse,on T.V.,the radio,or worse the places we work?Who came up with all this shit?It is so common for people to curse these days.I think all the words should be added to Webster's Dictionary,and accepted as part of everyday language.That's all it boils down to really.Just people wanting to control every little aspect of someone else's lives.It makes me sick.In fact the more I write about this.The more fucking pissed off I get.I've heard many excuses,as to why I shouldn't say "cuss words"."It's not appropriate,and it's very unlady like.You want people to think you're trashy?"
By who's standards?I'm not turned off by someone,just because the curse.There is such a thing as excessive cursing.I don't think anyone should be censored for it though.In fact I bet if it were allowed,those people who do it excessively would realize how stupid it looks.When literally every other word coming out of their mouths is a "cuss word"They would see that the number of curse words coming out of their mouths far exceed the average person.Then maybe,they would learn to do it a little less.I just think that there's nothing wrong with saying things like " This shit fucking sucks!Turn it off!"I like curse words.I think they are absolutely necessary.It helps us get the point across.I hate that everything has to be so watered down.It's bad enough we can't dress the way we want without someone having a problem with it.The list goes on,and on,and on...Some idiot(s) just decided one day to set all these ridiculous standards for humanity.I guess they figure they'll start by controlling us outside our homes.Then there's the issue of being young,and living with someone who controls you inside you're home as well.One day I'm sure they're working on a way to control us in all aspects.I really wish I could come up with a way to avoid such a catastophe from happening.The sad thing is,this is realistic.Just look at the middle east.

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