Why is it that atheism is censored more than sex, drugs, or violence?

Last year, while attempting to right a research paper on freedom of the press (mostly on book banning), I noticed that it was extremely difficult to find anything positive about Philip Pullman's trilogy, His Dark Materials. This was not because they weren't good books (I thought they were excellent), but because Philip Pullman is an atheist and is not shy about it. There was no shortage of fundamentalist Christian reviews or even moderate Christian reviews, but it took me hours of searching to find what I needed. Why is it that in the 21st century, atheism is still considered taboo to so many people? Why did it take so long to find a decent and credible article from a secular source?

Share your opinions and your stories on the censorship of atheism!

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Religious people fear atheists. Christianity and the other major religions are supposed to believed by faith. But most have doubt, they want to believe but they have doubt. And we don't believe and they see us not believing and we are comfortable with our non-belief and we have arguments against there beliefs. This makes there doubt stronger, they don't like that doubt, the want to believe, the fear that doubt and thus they fear us.

Theres a word for this, I couldn't think of it, my bran fucked up.
I don't know what word you're trying to think of, but several words come to my mind (ha ha). But seriously, I don't understand what goes through these people's heads. How can these people ignore the fact that atheism exists just because they don't like it. I don't like fundamentalist christians, but I do not deny their existence. Just because they ignore something doesn't make it go away!
That article is fascinating. I never considered that beliefs could be a result of physiological traits. This does not justify what they do, but it does make the situation clearer, at least in my eyes. I suppose that it is not entirely the persons fault that they think this way, but people have the choice to question how they were raised and what their beliefs are. I think that if everyone thought a little more critically from time to time, this country would be a much more tolerant and progressive place in which to live.
Because there's no tithing in atheism. So there would be no profit. ha! If free thinking was pushed to any degree it could take it's course. Thus making it harder to control the human race. People like sex, drugs, violence, and god. What they don't like is something encouraging them to really think what they're thinking. People like their comforts and they don't enjoy being wrong.
Sex, Drugs & Violence are not a threat to the church. As a matter of fact, they are good for it. Sex, Drugs & Violence help to convert desperate people. The weaker the better.

Atheism & the non-religious however, are a threat. We are the real "Freethinkers". The church can't control us through reward, fear, or ignorance. Most Atheists are smart. Not all us are educated (I have a high school education), but smart none the less.

The Church leaders don't want us to get the word out that humans can live a moral life without a god. They want their sheep to stay ignorant and dependant so they can have control.
Censorship exist in the United States due to many factors, in her case it may have simply been the limited amount of information available to her at the time of her search. Despite the amazing amount of information on the internet, much of that information that is useful is hidden behind firewalls and buried in archives. Ultimately it takes a human to make a decision as to whether any useful information makes it to the net and sadly many of the decision makers are Christians or non secular.

As for the Christian perspective we have to remember that for the most part most Christians believe that United States is the prophesied Promise Land. They are justified in their fear of internal threats that could corrupt their children or the members who are weak in faith or who have doubts. They have bent the truth of history to suit their needs making our founding fathers appear as if they were all Protestants rather than a mix Deist's and other religions. Included in this revisionist history is an honest belief that the Constitution of the United States was written specifically for them and that it excludes all others even offshoot sects of the Protestants.

Their greatest strength is that they fear the same god their greatest weakness is that they fear each other as much as they fear us.
I ask myself the same question everyday. I am on one other networking site, I joined AN only a few days ago because this other site is run by bigots, I had so many of my posts deleted for simply being pro choice or anti religious violence, it's absolute hypocrisy!! Then when I tell them I haven't broken rules, they agree, but don't tell me why it was deleted! I got wise and started saving my writings, I'll be moving them to AN.... I have only discovered this Atheist discrimination since being on social networking sites. Amazing the BS people can get away with in the name of god, in the name of their supposed morality, it just never stops and it's getting frustrating.


Atheism represents an idea foreign to the believer, of one who exists outside the confines of religion's self-imposed, brutal, and dreadful dictatorship.  Since religion has been free to spread its spore throughout the collective consciousness, it causes a reaction in the body politic... like a slime mold exposed to sunlight.




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