"Pieces of Flair" is a Facebook application that allows users to make, browse and send little buttons called "flair" to each other. The app has a great variety (including a lot of Atheist/Agnostic/Freethinker/Humanist flair) and is pretty fun, but nearly every day, the most popular flairs are inane, condescending Christian ones. And when one searches for words like "atheist", one finds lots of "atheists are fools" and Jesus-related flair that is intentionally tagged as "atheist".

What's up with all the Jesus stuff...

Needless to say, the Godless are a bit fed up. This topic that complains about the Jesus flair is currently chock-full of fundie goodness! Laugh, shrug, and weep for humanity.

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One of my favorites right now is "Jesus Flair Freaks: He's not reading your profile. He's too busy starving African children and scheduling abortions into predestination."
Funny how they have their Jesus stuff all over the place and that's a really groovy thing. But if a gay or atheist person fails to hide in the closet they're horrible people for "flaunting it".

I despise double standards.
I once saw a bumper sticker that read, "Nuke a gay whale for Jesus."
Is there flair that says this?
Please say that there is! I want to offend as many as possible!




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