Stumbled across this article from the New Tribune which discusses a mailing campaign by a New York Catholic Group.

In the Comments:

sunup500 - The only thing the Catholic church should be sending is appologies to all the victims of their pedophiles and the beatings by priests and nuns.Then they can appologize for the murder and torture and robbery of innocent people who were nothing more than non Catholic.

Reply: Uh explain to me how that hatred that you just exposed that is in your heart is any different than anything that the Catholic Church supposedly did. The sad fact is that it isn't at all. You just showed that in your heart you are no better than the individuals that did those sad acts. Shame on you !!!!

Repent !!!!

Got that?  Saying the church should apologize for wrongdoing is as bad as child molestation or robbery!

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Nobody has ever accused religionuts of being die hard realists or actually in touch with reality...
This presumes that, for some unstated reason, the church should be exempt from criticism. SORRY, NO SALE! Pointing out flaws in behaviors and practices and demanding justice for them does not rise to the level of the crimes represented by those behaviors and practices. In fact, they're not even in the same ballpark with them.

The RC church has historically styled itself as being somehow apart and/or above common life, yet it is an organization of MEN ... who have given every indicator that they are just as flawed and capable of misdeed as every other person on this planet. I've stated before that, were this any other organization, its operation would have been shut down, its personnel subject to arrest, and its properties liquidated to cover costs and damages arising from civil and criminal suits.

The RC church needs to be disabused from the notion that they are exceptional ... PERIOD.


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