Funny exchange on Facebook.

Comment: Fact- If the earth was 10 ft closer to the sun we would all burn up and if it was 10 ft further we would freeze to death... God is amazing!!

Reply: to anyone wondering, that's not true. 1) Earth's orbit is elliptical and the distance from the sun varies from around 147 million kilometers to 152 million kilometers on any given year. 2) Every star has a habitable zone that is affected by the size of the star and its intensity. The sun's habitable zone is about 0.95 AU to 1.37 AU. An AU is the Earth's average distance from the Sun, 93 million miles, so Earth's orbit could be decreased by 4,500,000 miles or increase by 34,000,000 miles and still be in the habitable zone. 3) if your claim was true any moderately sized earthquake could have taken us out of the habitable zone. sorry.

Reply from OP: OK thats cool and all but don't ever comment on my status telling me that i am wrong everrr again. I didn't ask you did i? Answer: NO

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Hey,  if he wants to post something publicly, he can either take the heat or find the door to the kitchen!
Actually it's a woman (if you look closely at the picture)

The immaturity of her response is hilarious and sad.
Irrationality is EASY.  Knowing something actually takes WORK.
Nobody has ever accused the average religious of being deeply rational people...
10ft don't stand on your roof!
Leaving only 20 ft. of error like that would not be awesome.
Someone should remind her that the bible says women are not suppose to teach people about religion :-)


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