has a great article up right now that seriously reads like it came from The Onion.

You've gotta love the hypocrisy:
Popular culture is obsessed with sex. We can't even manage a family dog movie ("Marley & Me") without Jennifer Aniston taking off her clothes. And until that changes, of course, a hormone-mad teenager will be sorely tempted to join in the seemingly ubiquitous fornication, pledge or no pledge.
We need to focus on the idea that kids can actually think...
Family, religion, and yes, abstinence-education programs that focus on character development address this very problem. They treat teens as people -- complicated souls who deserve fulfillment and happiness.

Sadly, I can't think of a way to submit this right. Which excerpts should I send in?

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I was sitting and staring at Becky's post, searching for words to reply, when I noticed your post.
Er, ya. That works.....
Gotta love that pic.
They always want to shelter people from anything that might contradict the dogma. Sad way of life, really.




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