I have seen examples of this question all over YouTube, and it just goes to show how far up their own asses fundies have wedged their thinking organ. The question is basically: If life is meaningless, why don’t atheists kill themselves? Now, I am sure you are like me, saying...”HELLO?!? I am not the one who believes in a magical paradise after death. I am the one that wants to make the most of the ONE shot that I get. You are the one who is in such a flippin’ hurry to meet your maker...why don’t you kill yourself?!?”
I am just confused. I don’t get the question. Can someone please explain what the hell the fundies are talking about? Really...I don’t understand.

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Yes, well I agree that Daniel shouldn't waste any of his mental capacity - there isn't much there to begin with! ;-)
unicycles + rubrics cube = atheists suck.....I dont get it...
He links to "Way of the Master" in his video description. That's all you really need to know. WotM is one of the most insane and hateful organizations out there (Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort). Anti-gay, anti-atheist etc. They're the ones who think a banana proves atheists are idiots. Yeah. :eyeroll:




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