YouTube video of the year for me, this is what that place should be about. And check out Bernard Purdie in there - what a legend.


So this is the first in a seven-part series of songs made by Israeli musician Kutiman. It's composed entirely of YouTube clips, all cut together to make a new tune. We know it's been around since the weekend, but we've decided not to apologise for putting it up as, to be honest, his videos are pretty outstanding (and given the current absence of music videos on the Tube, any excuse for new entertainment)...

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I used to sample some of my favorite guitar licks from P-Funk. ONe good funk chord can get you through the day.
Beat-maker! Care to share some of your work?

"One good funk chord can get you through the day."

I'm jacking this hard.
It's not my work per se, just a few licks cut from some P-Funk tunes for personal use. I'll look up the songs and report back.
The very simple samples I made that come to mind are these:

1. "Sick 'Em" from the CD "Dope Dogs": there's a rhythm guitar lick in the middle that breaks up the piece and is repeated at the end.

2. "Let's Take It to the Stage" / Do That Stuff": opening guitar lick from a 1975 live performance in Houston. Following this lick comes the words: "Everybody funkin' but don't know how / they shoulda seen the bull when he funked the cow/ funked so hard they saw some smoke / he said let's get in the bed and funk like folks / laughin' at ya . . . " This is from one of my Funkadelic or George Clinton anthologies, possibly a British import. I'll look it up.




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