First the two relevant links: This is the project's web site This is an hour and a half long video with David Orr giving a presentation about the project.

It is a project to make the City of Oberlin self sufficient, economically viable with a local economy using sustainable sources of energy. They are trying to create a model that can be duplicated through out the mid-west and everywhere else in the USA with little modification.

Professor Orr, many times in the video, says he sees the gridlock in Washington DC, so they decided to do something from the bottom up instead of waiting for the US Government to lead this endeavor.

I watched the whole video and I was engaged the whole time.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S. His jokes were so bad, the audience didn't know they were jokes. He had to tell them a few times. :)

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Thanks for the links -- will check it out!



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