Hey Queers,

I just started writing for thenewgay.net - here's an article I write: http://thenewgay.net/2010/02/pink-and-black-attack-i-am-a-radical-q... - it's a pretty cool site for the alternative gay.  Give it a look!



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Hi Jess,
just read your article - it's great! I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding "all marriage"
well done - I like to think that I am radical too - even though I have no tattoo's or unusual piercings *anymore* as for how I dress it is pretty non-descript - the reason I think I'm radical is b/c I have never met a fellow 'Queer' who hasn't tried to pigeon-hole me only to find I don't quite fit 'their' expectations!
that kind of shit drives me crazy!
I will definitely explore that site some more!
[P.S. from my inner editor/teacher - did you trust spell check? 'preciously' & 'inhibited' for precisely and inhabit (I think)-Doh!
Thanks for reading. Not sure about the spelling issues. That's not my forte.
Have a question after reading your article. Sounded like you want to be nominated the first punk saint, grin.

More seriously, you said you don't consume animal products. Well, it seems that underlying the statement of not consuming animal products is the implied message that one doesn't hurt living things. But here's where I see an apparent contradiction. All plants have their own version of a nervous system, for example they know when their leaves are being eaten and will take action to fight those insects because they wish to survive. Who's to say they aren't feeling their own version of what we might as well call as pain, because it's presumably pain that compels all life to take defensive action to protect themselves. It might not look like pain to us humans, but isn't that description the very definition of what pain is? So, aren't vegetarians of the 'don't-consume-animal-products' variety playing semantic games here? What am I missing here?
It's about doing the least harm. You forgot to mention all the little critters that get killed accidentally in harvest. No way is guilt free. However, plants were designed to be eaten - that's how they spread their seed. You don't poop cow seeds or chicken seeds. They weren't designed to be eaten. Plus, all the pollution, combined with the suffering in factory farms, and how cow's milk is rape and chickens still get debeaked for eggs. It's a waste of energy eating meat - it takes 16 pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef. It's a better use of resources to just eat the grain directly. There's a book I haven't read, The China Study, and it's all about how bad meat and stuff is for you. The author wasn't a vegetarian or anything going into it but what he learned was shocking. It's on my list of things to read but I have a big stack of books already so I don't know when I'll get to it. It's about using resources better of this planet and not being wasteful. Nor causing harm. I can pick an apple - I can't kill a cow.
Ok, I agree with 99% of what you said, thanks for the explanation. Except, where you said cow's milk is rape. When you said that, you lost me. I don't think rape is the right word here. Rape, though it involves violence and consent, is connected to sex and to humans, and there's no sex with cows here. Even with bestiality, nobody uses the word rape. Consent isn't a concept that works outside the human domain. When women have their breasts fondled or milked against their will, they never use the word rape. They're much more likely to say they got fondled. Or possibly sexually harassed. But not raped. You need a different word here, though I don't know what that word would be.



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