Bishop Long is emblematic of the problems preaching a prosperity gospel: what is the point of having a lot of money if you are just spending it on hot young things you seduce with trinkets for twinks? It did not hurt that he rose to prominence as the center of a cultus: his own. We have one here locally, too, about to go national now that he's published a book daring us to be rich; these people spend more time at the beauty parlor than praying. If they pray to any god at all it is Mammon, and we atheists know more about him than Christian evangelicals do. If the young mens' allegations are true, we have a man who wrote the book on hypocrisy: use of the same book to condemn homosexuals when the person thumping on his Booble is none other than Bishop Long. It might not have hurt, either, that if he was trolling for men his age, not children, having a name like Long ought to be a hell of an asset!

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Given his homophobic pronouncements, Im happy to see Mr. Long squirm.

Atlanta has the country's largest gay black pride event. Atlanta reportedly has the largest concentration of black gay couples in the US. Mr. Eddie Long, in preaching homophobia to a mega- church 25,000-strong, demonizes one of the communities that strongly supports the black church (see this essay). He is additional proof of the power of evil, rampant in many christian communities. That evil is homophobia, destruction of self esteem of LGBTQ members, collecting money in a spiritual pyramid scheme portrayed as prosperity gospel - a concept completely against the scripture but suckering in gullible desparate people. He should be ashamed.

If he didn't actually do what has been accused, Im happy to see that homophobia can harm even homophobes, when turned back on them. And if he did, then I'm doubling happy. I hate it when same gender loving people abuse and exploit same gender loving people.
Yep. Unfortunately we are back to Mehlman type hypo. Bigotry is bad enough when found in one's everyday life not to have to suffer a megapastor's.
Are all homophobic Christians secretly gay?
Of course.




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