UN cowardice is a betrayal of its gay citizens

It was very easy to believe last week that gay people around the world had been pushed even closer to a bloody end. The UN general assembly voted to remove the mention of killings based on sexual orientation from a resolution condemning arbitrary and extrajudicial executions.


Honestly, fuck them. I'm talking John Bolton levels of fucking over the UN. I don't care anymore. I just don't give a fuck. If this is the best that international cooperation has to offer; international cooperation isn't worth the trouble.

Your thoughts?

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"the US abstained from the final vote for the resolution" What the fuck? Even the US didn't vote against it? I think it's time to actively campaign against President Obama. I'm sick of his treating LGBT people like lepers. He has enough LGBT people around, he knows we are only human, and also fully human. He just isn't there for us when the going gets tough.

As for the UN, if we think it prevents war and human suffering, it serves a role even though it is horribly imperfect. I don't know if it does prevent war and human suffering. Maybe some disease prevention via vaccination. Didn't help much in Rwanda. Didn't help much in Yugoslavia. Is it preventing further war? I don't know. Didn't prevent the Iraq war. Oh wait, the US wanted that.

In the other post on this issue is part of the preamble to the UN charter. I don't know if the UN is living up to it.

Oh by the way, Nexus discourages "fuck" in topic titles, apparently it can lead to blocking in schools and workplaces. If you change it to f%&k in the title line it's still OK to say fuck in the text.
It isn't just undermining it, it's changing the rules entirely so that when countries like Ghana vote to execute people for the horrendous crime of being gay, the international community has no moral authority to stop them. This is happening as many of this voting countries are passing laws to make homosexuality an executable offense.

The last time the UN took a serious stand against oppression it was the Korean War. Since then it's devolved into a spineless, toothless gathering of nations more interested in appeasing everyone than actually taking a stand on anything. The only branch with any measured effect is the WHO and in all honesty it doesn't need the rest of that dead weight.
I've seen enough of a pattern now with what Obama actually supports and doesn't support, to strongly suspect that he is the ultimate successful right wing Manchurian candidate. His campaign did a brilliant job of rousing a progressive liberal base of support for Obama, thus making Obama to appear to be a progressive. Now he is reneging on health care, internet neutrality, climate change, overthrowing left liberal presidents of foreign nations (such as Honduras), and he is doing more to subvert the US Constitution. Obama's lackluster support of gay people is only one example of the contradictions of his campaign for President and who he actually is.

If the Democratic Party holds primaries, the contest could be very acrimonious.


Just look at the past two years. Look at all of his major platform issues and count the number of times he's actually put his foot down for any of them.

Have we prosecuted torturers?

Did Guantanamo Bay close in 2009?

Is the office of faith based initiatives closed?

Did we get the public option in healthcare reform?

Has he done anything substantive to support gay rights?

What the fuck is this ridiculousness?
Is there any question that there will be primaries? I thought that was automatic. Given the profound disappointment, I think there will be opposition.
He hasn't been as disastrous as Carter. At least not yet. We'll have to wait and see.

I hope, for his sake and ours, that his Presidency is notable for more than just his skin color.

The UN, like any other group, is only as good as its members, which includes Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other Islamofucktards, and I imagine also 3rd world Christian countries that are increasing in gay-hating rhetoric. I've been very disappointed with what I've seen in the UN lately. There's this "it's OK to kill gay people if it's your cultural sensitivities", but there's also "women's rights are important, but if your religion says they should be treated like property that's more important", and then, to top it all off, with all these things going on in the world, wars and murders and human rights violations, some people's top priority is to stop the "defamation of religion". All around it's giving religion special status to do whatever it wants and have power over others.


Yeah. Fuck the UN. In the ass. With no lube.



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