The EVIL DOINGS of the American Evangelical Movement now threatens the already beleaguered gay Ugandans WITH DEATH !  This is just how the Religious would see it done here in the U.S.!  Imagine a literal Christian-controlled State....

What can we possibly do to bring this nightmare to an end?  What would you do?

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This problem with evangelism, like all problems with evangelism, stem from the sense of self-righteousness, exceptionalism, entitlement and arrogance that conservative religion encourages, and the destructiveness that results - and this is a classic example.  The Christians are no different than any other religion, and in many ways, even worse.


It must be pointed out to the rest of the world, endlessly, that wrapping bigotry up in religious garb does not make it any less bigotry, any more than  putting lipstick on a pig makes it any less a pig.  And that will show the rest of the world that their claims to some form of moral superiority or priority are based solely on their own arrogance, entitlement and self-righteousness - is not something to be emulated, admired or even tolerated.  And it should be pointed out that this is proof that they are every bit as destructive as Scientology or the Taliban or any other such fundamentalist cults.


As for the evangelists themselves, they should be challenged to show why they are any different than the Taliban, or any less repressive.  When they assert that they are right and the Taliban are wrong, then proof should be demanded of them - and when they point to the Bible, tell them that the Taliban point to the Koran, and why should anyone accept the Bible in preference to the Koran on their mere assertions?  Until they can produce a document, bearing an original signature by God himself, appointing them to be God's enforcers, that you're simply putting them in precisely the same category with the Taliban, the Iranian ayatollahs and all the rest - a bunch of extremely destructive, self-appointed, self righteous, sanctimonious and arrogant self-deluded egotists.  With precisely the same credibility and precisely the same moral authority, no more, no less.


Geez, I get so tired of these self-appointed moral cops!  If the Rapture is coming next Saturday, I can't wait.  Anything that comes afterward can't possibly be worse than having those sanctimonious, self-righteous, puritanical wackos demanding to tell us how to live.



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