From the website of the successful homophobic spokestroll, Maggie Gallagher here is a link to the anti-equality talking points, all in one place.  Copyrighted so it's a link instead of a copy.


Anti-equality talking points


It's really dimwitted, and their "end points" are inane and beg further response.  Haters gotta hate.


Via the MaggieGallagher website, culturewarvictoryfund

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I think it's pathetic that someone would need a flow chart to tell them what to think.  The epitome of mindless dogmatic indoctrination. 

You can't venture outside the flow chart. The devil lurks just outside, prowling the world for the ruin of souls. Not to mention all the gay men who want to redo your hair (l'horreur!!) and the lesbians who want to rebuild the retaining wall that your incompetent heterohusband put up five summers ago.

You've just described what happened to me in my youth - I ventured outside the flow chart.  Only the devil turned out to be this handsome man with chocolately brown eyes and a smile that lit up the skies and dried my tears.

Sigh. And all I found was a handsome bipolar Southern boy whose heart I ended up breaking because we were just that bad for each other.

"Culturewarvictoryfund"? Is that a Vogon compound word, Maggie? Or just how you talk when you're trying to "reason" with rational people? (I'm picturing her, like Dolores Umbridge in her confrontation with the centaurs in Order of the Phoenix, screaming "Culturewarvictoryfund! Culturewarvictoryfund!" over and over while the gay hordes advance upon her.)

And "Sterile couples are still procreative in type, even if not in effect"? Isn't that basically saying that they just look like a procreative couple? Most patient people than I can dissect the various and sundry logical fallacies in that chart.

And how than are sterile couples different from gay couples?  (Yes, I know gay couples can still find ways to procreate.)

But Susan, don't you see?? Under the right circumstances sterile couples could conceive a child together! Aren't you listening to what I'm saying?

"Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth." - Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


As I understand it, sterile couples can be made fertile by a miracle from god, possibly via prayer.  I think that happened with Abraham and Sarah, and they were in their 80s or something.  My memory of that is not too good - I think that's after Sarah gave Abraham her slave Hagar to bear a child, Ismael (traditional marriage), and Hagar bore the progenitor of the Arab race, resulting in the current Palestinian situation.   Which shows, we really should trust god when he says something.  Someone can correct me on the details.  Everyone knows the bible is true to every word.  Whereas, god in his infinite power cannot make a male couple fertile.  Not even via prayer.  But that's too long of an explanation to put into a little box on a flow chart.

Don't get off topic, SB. Keep it simple and stick to the talking points. You know the Christians can't handle things like nuance. Mustn't confuse the little flock with dangerous things like facts.

Damn, I can be so dense sometimes.  Thank you for redirecting me.

Oh, and there's no possibly about it. God ALWAYS answers prayer if you believe hard enough. Always. Even if it's a "no."



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