I'm a big fan of queercore.  Such awesome bands as Youth of Togay, Gayrilla Biscuit, Fifth Column, Team Dresch, Limp Wrist, Tribe 8, and Fagatron.  Anyone else out there a fan?

Rock on.


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Never heard of queercore. What makes queercore queercore?

Never heard of any of these other bands either. Are they all gay bands?

The Fifth Column is the name of an undercover rebel group of Vs out to overthrow a future invasion of Earth by other Vs on the scifi TV series "V", didn't know that was the name of a band too.
Fifth Column via Wikipedia.
Thanks, Grundgetta! Didn't know 'fifth column' was a term from waaay back in 1936!

(I'm late here cuz completely forgot to click on the 'follow' link at the bottom of this wall so I didn't see any of the posts that appeared here after I posted mine.)

Eric: An explanation is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queercore
FWIW, re: your wikipedia link-- I'm not a follower of queercore music, but am familiar with a few names mentioned in this article, e.g. I've seen a couple of films by Bruce LaBruce, including "No Skin Off My Ass" and "Hustler White", saw Pansy Division play in a club during the late '90s (thought they were much better live and definitely punkier than they were on CD), and am a sometimes fan of Throbbing Gristle -- I saw Genesis P-orridge perform in a club just a couple of years ago. I probably have a few aging queer 'zines in my archives here at home from the early '90s.
Thanks for the link!

Interesting that queercore, despite the word 'queer' in the name, doesn't even necessarily reference music that has anything to do with queers. Learned something new here!
hell yes I'm a fan check out queercontrol.com also check out box squad there queer punk!

love all the bands you mentioned why are we not best friends?? - Marlene
Yeah, I know about QCR. My favorite band on that label is Once A Pawn. :) (Sorry... I know you're in Box Squad. ;)) We should be buddies.



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