Politico thinks so.

Im not so sure.  Maybe it's that they have hate groups like NOM and their spokes-troll Maggie Gallagher fighting their fight for them.  I don't see any let-up.  If congress is concentrating less on LGBT issues, it's just not their "shiny" of the moment.  Maybe someone else is more optimistic.

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Ah yes! Republicans have sons and daughters who reveal their homosexual nature and conservatives have to face that life evolves and cultural patterns change and there is nothing they can do about it.

Also, I suspect as LGBT gain more wealth, there will be a sudden discovery that sexual orientation isn't such a bad thing.

Also, as the number of LGBT married couples reveal real strength of character and good citizenship, those who would maintain the status quo will have to rethink the issue. 

Problem is, conservatives are focusing on women's bodies and functions. Oh dear. Women had better put on their armor, hone their sharpest weapon, their tongue, and get ready for even more intrusion on women's lives. The good new is, many women already have sharp tongues.

If it seems that way, it's because nothing relating to LGBT issues is currently in the news at the moment, or the topic hasn't come up.  For that matter, has anyone noticed that the surfeit of debates has suddenly VANISHED?!?  I sure have.

This is one topic which, along with women's issues, the GOP have already painted themselves with, and I wouldn't let them forget their previous transgressions, because these are the issues which can SINK them in November!

Anti-LGBT and anti-women individuals and organizations wallowed in the mud themselves. no one put them in the muck. So we can keep reminding them ... isn't that called "natural consequences"? 

Hmmmm, the Republican "enemies to hate" list. LGBT, women, immigrants, non-whites, non-Christian, progressives, climate science, etc.  When you're juggling that many balls, they can't all be at the apex at once. Just because one of these groups is not currently in their cross hairs, doesn't mean they're easing up on any of them. There's only so many witches you can burn at the stake at one time. Besides, once you target a group - LGBT for instance - you can have can have surrogates like NOM, the Family Research Council, and the Catholic Church do your dirty work for you, while moving on to the next target. They're not easing up. They're just looking around for a new group to demonize and dehumanize.  Stay tuned.

Pat, well stated. 

I wonder if the republicans were this batshit crazy when the Roman empire fell?  Maybe that's the reason it fell.  


If they are I think it would mostly be due to changing public opinion. If they feel that they may lose a lot of votes they may ease up for more cynical reasons. I doubt their actual attitude towards LGBTQ people will change that much anytime soon however.



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