Interesting little study to say the least. 


Straight or Gay? Vowels in Speech May Give it Away

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Nerd, you're so right.....very small sample.  Personally, I've also met and talked with men for the first time and listened to their (stereotypically gay) lisping speech and assumed they were gay, only to find out they were married family men with children.   Of course we all know being married to the opposite sex and having kids proves absolutely nothing to confirm sexual orientation.  This study seams to be overly subjective toward gay stereotypes.
The first thing I do when I look at a study like this is look at the sample size.  The first thing you're taught in Statistics 101 is that if the sample is less than 30 in both control group and the test group, it is totally meaningless.  So when I see "studies" like this, I push the "delete" button.  Even a sample of 30 produces a sampling error that is so big that it is difficult to meaningfully detect the signal - in other words, that's pretty much the threshold.   I were the editor of a journal, I'd tell them to go back and do some meaningful research before they can expect me to publish it.
It is a weak correlation, but an interesting subject, as I have often spoken with clients on the phone and estimated they were gay before meeting them.  I am wrong occasionaly, but usually correct.
This study reminds me of some of the other gay-identifying research done previously:  the direction of hair swirl on the back of your head, finger length compared to straight men, etc.  And it seems it's always gay men targeted in these studies.  Where do women/lesbians fit into all this?
LMAO!!!   By the dark of night BEWARE!!!
The most activity I have in the middle of the night is getting up to pee.  I wish I had a "scary" penis problem to deal with at night.  But all kidding aside, I think The Nerd brings up a good point.  Lesbians, generally, are not viewed as a threat, so they often get dismissed as research subjects.  For some reason, gay men are found to be just fascinating to study!

   I can think of a number of reasons why gay men are facinating to "study" but thats another post.

   As to Nerds point Iv had a hypothesis about this and would love to hear other opinions.

   It seems that to the male the height of weakness can be seen as submission to another male. In order for sexual relations to be engaged in one must submit to the other. One is giving , one is receiving OR submitting to the penetration (by what ever means). Of course if a male has a "predisposition" (ie:genetic) towards heterosexuality the thought of gay relations may seem gross for lack of a better word. But "gross" doesnt account for the (sometimes violent) FEAR of homosexuality.



Lesbians aren't scary since they're not trying to stick their penises in your mouth while you sleep at night.


Gays! The scariest of things that go bump in the night! Move over vampires and ghosts and warewolves and monsters...

 Ever been cruisin?  Course scary isnt the word i would use.
I am skeptical of most of these studies b/c they put it in black and white; straight people do one thing, and gay people do another. But some people aren't gay or straight...
thass why we love the term queers!




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