I only said that, because I can't say she said "fuck you" in a headline.


Australia's new Prime Minister, who actually does have more balls than Obama since she's actually openly atheist, is still perfectly happy to throw lesbians, bisexuals who want to marry same sex partner, and gay men under her gov't's bus. 


Australian Marriage Equality (AME) spokesman Alex Greenwich said he was “disappointed” with Gillard’s comments on commercial radio last week that she would not be reversing the Government’s current opposition to gay marriage.  “We were disappointed and especially disappointed because she came out the day before and said she’s an atheist and doesn’t hold the same allegiance to [religion] that, say, Kevin Rudd did,” Greenwich told Sydney Star Observer.


Just shows that some of us are too icky even for an Atheist prime minister to touch.


also here:  Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced, rather disappointingly, in an interview, that she had no plans to amend current definitions of marriage. She supports the definition in the Marriage Act that defines marriage as the ‘union between a man and woman’.


Just as good to live in Texas, probably.

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Why am I not surprised?

Maybe because she is from the same party that produced Kevin Rudd, probably the biggest disappointment as a new head of state since... Barak Obama. If she is just a garden-variety homophobe, Gillard would be proof that being an atheist is no protection from being a bigot.

But another explanation is possible.

Australia, with Rupert Murdoch virtually running the media show there, and no politician daring to offend the man, has been rightly described as Murdochia. No politician in that nation, anywhere, who values his political career dares cross Emperor Rupert. It is he who has been blamed as being responsible for creation of the Great Firewall of Australia, built under the pretext of fighting online porn, but which makes the Great Firewall of China look downright tame by virtue of the technical control it offers the news and political censors. ISPs in Australia now have to archive users' emails and browsing histories for several years among other outrages.

And Emperor Rupert certainly does not approve of his male subjects poking his other male subjects - and ditto for his female subjects. So until someone can get the goods on a closeted member of his entourage to whom Emperor Rupert is personally very close, making it possible to blackmail the man, I don't think we'll see a gay marriage law (or even a civil union law, for that matter) in Murdochia anytime soon.

Scott B.
Here she is quoted in the Southern Baptist Press - a self proclaimed atheist who is apparently living in sin with her male partner:

Australia has a new prime minister, but she, like her predecessor, opposes "gay marriage." Prime Minister Julia Gillard, a member of the left-leaning Labor Party, said in a TV interview last year that it was her personal position -- and the position of the Labor government -- that marriage was between one man and one woman.

"This is an issue that we've got to deal in contemporary Australian society with all of our history -- hundreds of years of history in Australia and in western culture beyond what marriage means," she said.

and on abc.net:

On her personal views about marriage, Ms Gillard said: "Marriage is between a man and a woman.
"Obviously we live in an age when there are all sorts of relationships which are not marriages.
"I am in a committed relationship of that nature myself with my partner Tim."

Glad you had some other insights. It's comforting to know that she's just pandering to the Murdoch-controlled press and just throwing gays under the bus for political gain, as opposed to just a homophobe (or more likely homo-i-don't-give-a-fuck-ist) throwing gays under the bus.
Cold comfort, isn't it?
I dont think president obama is a big disapointment i mean please 18 months a health care bill finacial reform, stop the free fall of the american econmy working on repealing dont ask dont tell. Building our factured relationships around the world.
Maybe it should be ban Murdoch? Seems like he has undue influence in Australia and the US.
Update, WSJ I don't know how much to trust WSJ, here's reuters as well.

No way to say if Gillard would have pulled together a victory if she was less of a hypocrite, of course. My suspicion is that atheism and LGBTQ issues were almost irrevelant to the election. These articles are rather shallow - some actual discussion of issues might help.
US looks like we are headed to hell in a handbasket, with inept Democrats and ascendant Tea Party fucktards. I dread the future. Only China, with a semibenevolent dictatorship free of any actual human rights but surging economically, seems to know how to run a country in the modern age. The US people, and Australian people, deserve whatever happens to them, if they are too narcissistic and lazy to really pay attention to what they are electing.
"Australia's new Prime Minister, who actually does have more balls than Obama since she's actually openly atheist"

I'm pretty sure Obama isn't even a closeted atheist, given that 1)Obama has referenced Jesus more times than Bush, 2)he's continued Bush's faith-based initiatives, 3)he defended the National Day of Prayer and under God in the pledge, 3)the only positive thing Obama has done for the LGBT community I'm aware of is passing the Matthew Shepard Act. So even if we get an atheist president in the U.S., LGBT rights are still screwed? What if Australia got its first lesbian prime minister?



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