Saying "Myth Romney" is Barney validating stereotypes such as are peddled by Limbaugh. Famously, Rush denounced Barney with the usual ad hominem fallacies, myths, and misconceptions, even going so far as to play "My Guy Lollipop" whenever Frank's name was brought up. Sooooo funny! Barney could be saying "Miss Romney" as is a popular gay way of bringing queens out of the closet, in which case, due to Barney's pronounced speech impediment, Myth and Miss might be confused. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, the switch is an apt metaphor for the steady stream of dogma that comes from the GOP these days, as blatant an attempt to impose a theocratic form of government on Americans. The movement to a religious right serves also as an object lesson demonstrating that for the GOP, pre-Roe women's rights are in jeopardy, gays and lesbians could not possibly have what Ann calls "a real marriage," and the Constitution will from now on be interpreted not by Shariah Law or socialistic policy positions but by Biblical principles. We gotta keep marching to the Rupture Rapture. I am not afraid of it, I just don't want to be there when it happens. But at least leave the keys in the Mercedes.

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It amazes me how like Charles Emerson Winchester III of MASH is so like Mitt Romney.  That was a laughing matter but this time it aint no joke.  He knows all about working people, he's watched them from Pater's Office when he visited the factory. Another point, Lets face it. our Evangellicals are Americas version of the Teleban.  I guess the next thing will be think of how much money we could save if we stopped educating the girls.  I get the feeling that we are going backwards to the Dark Ages.

I don't know if educational discrimination against women is such a threat as discrimination against the poor.  It is already telling that going to a private grade school "preps" you for admission into the university of your choice, and few can afford better private schools.  (Why is it that Catholic and Episcopal schools here appear to send more of their graduates to college than the private schools?)  One of the Catholic high schools actually posts on its electric bulletin board prominently placed next to a major thoroughfare the collective monetary value of their students' scholarships, always in the seven figures. There is only so much money for education, and if it is siphoned off for rich kids' vouchers, the reason for even having public schools looks more and more questionable.  Why educate the poor?  They would only get delusions of grandeur and go after college degrees and such.




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