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I reveal my ignorance, but I am not familiar with Breitbart Group. Is this a thinking group or a wing-group?
If Hitler was gay, he was a mass murderer. If he was christian he was a mass murderer. If he was neither gay nor christian he was a mass murderer. Now, next claim?

right wing group.

That's fine so far as it goes, Susan.  Andrew Breitbart worked for Matt Drudge, whose Drudge Report was a talking points memo for the GOP and especially its conservative wing.  Before he died, Breitbart wrote a book, available online (, a work he dedicated to his father "and Clarence Thomas," the associate justice of the SCOTUS -- yes, the man who tried to mash Anita Hill, confronting the fellow Justice Department employee in a snack bar and saying, e.g., "Who put that pubic hair on my Coke can?" Breitbart is the guy who sent a young undercover "reporter" to the voting registration group, Acorn, posing as a pimp and accompanied by a young women supposed to be one of his whores.  They secretly videotaped an Acorn employing giving "advice" on how to make money in the prostitution business, but as it turned out, it was a completely isolated incident and the person they interviewed at Acorn was a minor employee.  Breitbart got what he wanted, though: congress cut off all funding to the organization, which of course was pro-Obama.  Here is an interview with Brietbart, mainly concerning his opinion that Hollywood is a snake pit of leftists, population by social misfits unworthy of the money and celebrity they enjoy...unless, of course, their name is Jon Voight or Ted Nugent:

Well, I read the article and didn't find anything he said interesting or informative. I don't go to movies, don't watch commercial TV, I am passionately interested in science and watch a lot of that stuff available on the internet. I guess I self-select out of Breitbart and Matt Drudge arenas. I know a lot of people think as they do. Their philosophy just does not match mine, but then I have trouble with wealthy left wing advocates driving outrageously expensive cars and living in houses big enough to shelter a village. 

People are entitled to wealth and that doesn't bother me. I detest going to a huge cathedral or castle or parliament building trimmed in gold, when the citizens lack access to opporunity to earn enough to feed and shelter their own. 

I sometime imagine what it would be like on a spaceship with a huge population and wonder if the capitalists would kill off the inessential folks and then provide decent housing and nutrition for those who wander the hallways of those imaginary space-villages? 

What kind of spaceship would it be if there were too many people on board for the amount of work that needed to be done? What would a spaceship do with the very young, the rebel, the elderly or the sick?  



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