Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, has once again shown the love, compassion, decency, and humanity of the Roman Catholic Church's attitude toward non-heterosexual who are not their personal baby factories. For those of you who were never Catholic, a Cardinal is an ecclesiastic who holds a rank slightly higher than Jesus, forswears sex with other adults only, and comes to work in a red dress with more "bling" than Flava-Flav.

In a statement made on ABC's “This Week with George Stephanopoulos," Dolan came out and said that while gays are entitled to "friendship," they aren't entitled to love one another.  In other words, "I'll be glad to be your buddy, but screw you and your equal rights." It was the same old saw that I've heard my entire life from these clowns (and I'm in my 60's). Marriage is only for a man and woman, and sex within marriage is only for procreation. As in, spit out more Catholic children faster than a Pez dispenser, so we have more more people to contribute to our coffers. 

According to them, infertile couples and people beyond the age of fertility really shouldn't get married, let alone same-sex couples. 

The RCC's "cup of human kindness" seems to have a dribble function where you just can't get the drink to your lips. Yet one more in a myriad of examples of hate filled bigotry hiding behind the mask of kindness.


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This completely conforms to the rest of Dolan's persona.  He's a glad-hander who comes across as a jovial, likeable fellow, but whose operational core remains invariant from the RCC's modus operandi.  I wonder if he actually KNOWS any gays or Lesbians or would even allow himself to have a personal relationship with them.  I mean, even Rob Portman, when confronted with the sexual orientation of his son, managed to change his mind about gay marriage, though that was a political decision on his part and not based in papal dogma.

If Dolan wants to be so hammer-assed about homosexuality, let's call him on his seafood consumption as well.  If he and his fellows want to use the bible as the basis for their dicta, they should damned well use ALL OF IT.

This is what I expect from Dolan. No credibility for me. His church is based on a fraudulent myth, power mongering, lies and force.

His church is based on a fraudulent myth, power mongering, lies and force. And those are their GOOD qualities!

When I hear things like this from the RCC, I just shrug and say "oh well..."  I mean, their opinions are just so Irrelevant to our modern world, that they just don't deserve to be listened to.  Look, here's a man that ostensibly never had sex, and who has never been married giving his opinion on other peoples' relationships!  Huh?  I have a friend at work who is receiving marriage counciling before her wedding, and whenever she tells me of the rediculous things that they say, I tell her that she is giving them power by listening, and showing up at church.  If we all ignore them, maybe they'll go away.

I'm so sick of these people blathering on about what I'm supposed to do.

Put a fuckin' sock in it! 



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