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It would seem as though the RC church wants the right to discriminate, based upon their beliefs.  The implication of this is that their desire for "religious freedom" is tantamount to thwarting any governmental effort to grant equal rights, whether to women, the GLBT community, or any other group that "clutch of hysterical, sinister virgins" wants to.  And because their generalized belief is in the majority in the US and elsewhere, they think they can get away with it.

It's time to put our collective foot down and say NO, you do NOT get to justify your bigotry with your religion, nor do you get to coerce the government to go along with you.  The United States is about equality under the law, and if that hasn't been fully realized in the past, we are moving toward that goal now.

If you want to be run over, stand in our way.

It's hard for me to believe that the Catholic hierarchy all believe in their own religious dogma.  The history of the church is so fraught with murder, corruption, power grabs, lies, bigotry, abuse, exploitation, mind boggling wealth for the leaders and abysmal poverty for many of the adherents, and lies, lies, lies.  It's more like a shadow or parallel government, seeking power and domination.  I suppose a lot of followers really do believe.   Catholicism is one of the greatest forces for ignorance and deceit that I know.

They live and breathe from ignorance.  If the truth ever got out, if their parishioners bothered to read ALL of the bible for themselves and had the courage to confront the truth, the RC church would collapse of its own weight, and many if not all other such establishments along with them.

That's precisely why I maintain that organized religion is a con, a grift, a form of three card monte; the priests, mountebanks.  The RCC got caught red-handed in the indulgence-selling game. Plutarco Calles almost succeeded in tossing them out of Mexico when he became president in the 20s. He was an atheist and Freemason who had witnessed the excesses of the priesthood in that country and cracked down.  The Mexican constitution of that era forbade priests from engaging in many activites, the most odious being the sale of a dogmatic device to buy loved ones out of something called "Purgatory." There is no evidence of any kind of afterlife, therefore organizing it into Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven is not only dogmatic but delusional and could only be foisted on the most gullible, which is to say the least educated. Why are the evangelicals (and, for all we know, Catholic clergy) today pushing for a ban on critical thinking as a part of grade school curricula?

I was right. The photo really is that of Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The jovial, glad handing, back slapping prelate who always has a smile on his face, will stop to rub the tousled hair of a young boy, while telling a good joke to the TV camera. And, while smiling and slapping you on the back, will drive a knife right through your vital organs. The most anti-equality, misogynistic, bigoted, freedom hating bastard in the hierarchy of the American Catholic Church. But, I digress.

Abusing the concept of religious freedom? I don't mean to be disagreeable, but since when, in human history, has the Catholic Church ever been in favor of human freedom, decency, dignity, and equality? From the relegation of women to 2nd class status by denying ordination as a priest, to the promulgation of the "divine right of kings," to active anti-semitism, to the Concordat with Hitler, and the present, overt, attack on the equality of LGBTs, all the while covering up child rape and torture. When the Catholic Church says they promote  "freedom," its a sure bet some un-offending and innocent group of people are in danger of losing theirs.

In answer to the question you posited James, evangelicals always push for a ban on critical thinking. The ability to think critically, rationally, and analytically are, to an evangelist, like garlic, mirrors, and sunlight are to a vampire. It takes away their power.

Of course it's Dolan.  Moving up on the pyramid and in line to become a future Ponzi, Dolan impressed me just as you as a gnarling snapping wolf in sheep's clothing with a shepherd's crook, i.e. a total phony s.o.b.  How these guys can pretend they actually believe in mindless dogma so totally contradicted by science, in the very epitome of delusion in the face of reason, I cannot guess.  Your comment on vampires reminds me of the scene in Roman Polansky's Vampire Hunters where a Jewish tavern keeper is exposed as an undead and when the guest he attacks tries the old crossed arms cruifix routine, the vampire laughs and says, "Wrong religion." 

My parents love "The Fearless Vampire Killers".  Of course they tell that scene entirely differently.  It is his lover and he responds with "oy, oy have you got the wrong vampire"

Correct, but I think the expression, in Yiddish (a very colorful language!) is: "Oy, vay!..."

Yeah, my dad has told it that way as well.

Or, as my dear departed French Canadian grandfather would say, and my dear departed French Canadian grandmother would yell at him for saying, "Sacre  Bleu!"




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