Charles L. Worley, North Carolina Pastor: Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill Them Off

I'm not going to offer any comment on this article other than this: read on an empty stomach.


The barrage of anti-gay sermons delivered by North Carolina-based pastors to hit the blogosphere continues with yet another disturbing rant caught on tape.

The pastor, identified on YouTube as Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., condemns President Obama's much-publicized endorsement of same-sex marriage while calling for gays and lesbians to be put in an electrified pen and ultimately killed off.

"Build a great, big, large fence -- 150 or 100 mile long -- put all the lesbians in there," Worley suggests in the clip, reportedly filmed on May 13.

He continues: "Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can't get out...and you know what, in a few years, they'll die you know why? They can't reproduce!"

He also said that if he's asked who he'll vote for, he'll reply, "I'm not going to vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover!" Many of the congregants cheer and reply, "Amen."

Read the rest (if you haven't already suffered from reverse peristalsis) here.

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To give you an idea of how small the town I live in is and the overall mindset... We get excited, I'd say even absolutely giddy when we get a new chain store, like Tractor Supply! The April 16th, 2011 tornadoes that took out the Lowes Home Improvement store here, took the Tractor Supply and oh my lawdy, the Big Lots!!! They still haven't built them back here! There's a PetSmart coming here in the fall and we're all abuzz! I'm positively over the moon at the idea of not paying $5 per pound for parrot seed by buying in bulk from them! It's sad I know... LOL

We're looking for work elsewhere, we're looking for a more metropolitan area to live in. I'm out with my family and sadly some of the relatives are just like those of Rev. Worley's church, they all have that same bitter, hateful expression and furrowed brow you see in that video of his followers. When I came out many years ago, they prayed 'for' me and called me a... get this... devil worshiper! WTH? How do they work that one out? By the same token, several that I have come out to in the family have admitted their own disbelief and discomfort with religion and it has made us much closer.

This recent Amendment 1 vote hurt me pretty badly, I found that family members had voted for it and it broke my heart, I was living in a bubble. Many of our closets friends and family members are gay and it was shocking to me that those who make such grand pretense to love and accept them, would have voted to take away their rights. I haven't spoken to them since the vote, they were so disingenuous during the run up to the primaries, as I was sending out emails offering to take our shut ins to the polls, expressing my disdain for the amendment, they sat silently, smiling lovingly, speaking sweetly when they saw me and then after the vote, they were all oh so vociferous about their righteousness.

I haven't wanted to even look upon them since for fear that I will lose my mind. But this too gives you some insight into how things are done here, it was definitely the reminder I needed, they will as my mother says, 'Sweet mouth you to death down here!' in the most literal sense. Trust me when I say to you, they have a long memory with their mean streak and those people in that video... they are "NOT" the minority in this town either. We went to town on Friday night to get an ice cream cone at the local DQ, the church parking lots were FULL to overflowing  (these are Latino churches in old store buildings and warehouses as well as brick and mortar churches) On a FRIDAY evening it is a 4 mile drive, there are 6 of these churches between here and our DQ.

This is the same town that is so in your face with the fact that they 'don't believe in the separation of church and state' that they actually tell their parishioners and the whole damn community 'how' to vote on their lawn signs, their buses and on signs on their damn vehicles, but report it and no one does anything, report it here and and you'll get the third degree from the person on the other end of the line! We are stuck in the 1950's south here.

Sorry it's so tough for you there Tammy.  Interesting to hear about people will sweet talk you to death.  That's what I found in Indiana too - so friendly, smiling, gracious, polite, and if they get a chance they'd hang you from the nearest elm tree.  I've moved a lot in my life.   It's meant there are not a lot of friends - I think those are made when younger.  Plus a number of mine died off, which is a different story.  Still, I would never move back.  Good luck for you whatever choices you make.

Yeah, I agree. That sounds like a terrible environment. Luckily, I'm somewhat insulated here in Dallas.

I agree.

"Ignorance deserves only disdain and active opposition.  The 21st century can no longer afford it." 

I can't think of a stronger way to express my concerns. 

Pastor who gave anti-gay sermon draws hundreds of protesters in North Carolina

I saw that today Dallas, police were actually brought in to protect the protestors, or so they said... I'm not exactly sure that's why they were there, I personally think they were more likely there to help fabricate things to pin on the anti-Worley protestors. I'm not cynical or anything living here in hell...

It's possible. Policemen can be corrupt and bigoted, too.

LOL ya think? hehe!

Shayne, that was my experience as well, my first husband was a policeman. It was amazing the lengths they would go to in order to justify and/or cover their own actions. We had one who was infamous for trading sexual favors for leniency, it took years before he was fired for it, he was never given any 'time' but was ordered probation, he then moved to another county where he was hired for another public service position. No oversight at all. 

@ Sentient - We are working on moving to a more metropolitan area if at all possible, but we're honestly almost in the position of 'take whatever has benefits' because most of the work here is sans benefits contract positions, very few companies are hiring 'in house'. We're 4th in unemployment here in NC as well, so most of the attractive choices do require relocation, which I'm not bemoaning too loudly at all frankly!

Are you worried about repercussions from the ex for saying anything?  Please be feel safe about telling it all,  I want to encourage you to start an anonymous blog telling about all the might even make a best seller.  It might even cause some of these blackhearted warheads to think twice about their clandestine behavior.

Crime and punishment grow out of one stem. Punishment is a fruit that, unsuspected, ripens with the flower of the pleasure that concealed it. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Crime is a fact of the human species, a fact of that species alone, but it is above all the secret aspect, impenetrable and hidden. Crime hides, and by far the most terrifying things are those which elude us.
Georges Bataille

Crime is a fact of the human species, a fact of that species alone, but it is above all the secret aspect, impenetrable and hidden. Crime hides, and by far the most terrifying things are those which elude us. 

Georges Bataille

He threatens many that hath injured one.

Ben Johnson

No I'm not worried about him Alex, he's no longer a policeman, he too liked to chase skirt a little bit much on duty and got caught by the wrong parents.... long story... suffice it to say, I had photos...

You know I've thought for years I'd like to write a book about what I've seen and done to survive down here, to be honest, it has been on my mind a long time. I worked construction before we had women's rights, in the nuclear industry no less, worked in the police department as dispatch and clerk as a wife volunteer /rolleyes and then worked nuclear security for a bit back when it didn't pay anywhere near what it's worth....  My maintained silence for now is due to the fact that my husband and I are seeking gainful employment with benefits elsewhere, so I'm limiting my vocalizations a bit :) Well that and our career paths are in the fields in which 'our kind' is probably frowned upon and any sort of activism certainly is verboten.

Shhh, we're infiltrating, it takes patience *wink*.

Tammy, reading that you worked construction and other "non-female" jobs and I have a story for you. In the 1980s I taught at a community college in self-sufficiency programs for prisoners returning to society, battered women learning how to be self-sufficient, and unemployed workers.

One of my students had sole support of her children and no traditional female job would pay all the bills. She was the first to apply and get a job with a contractor building a new federal freeway. She drove truck with wheels taller than she. Her male work-mates didn't want her taking a "man's job and did everything they could to discourage her, including dumping the honey bucket over on its door side while she was in it, and forcing her into her locker and locking her inside. Life was hell ... until ... one day she, driving this huge truck with wheels taller than she, ran over the state inspecter's car, by accident, she douldn't see it. From that day on she was accepted as an equal part of the crew and they even protected her from harassment.



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