We can condemn Russia, and multiple African countries, for their growing oppression of LGBT people.  And we should.

It's interesting that both Russia, and African countries, claim gay rights as a foreign influence.  Interesting, and disingenuous.  American Christians are committing a new type of colonialism, exporting their culture wars to Africa, France, Eastern Europe, and Russia.  Actually, it's not all that new.  Missionaries have been instrumental in colonialism for centuries.  "Christians are a dark force in Africa".

About Africa - "To many Africans, homosexuality and gay rights come from the West. But the West's truly awful gift to the continent was homophobia, which the Africans then adopted as their own."

And about Russia - "In recent years, the Kremlin has deliberately been encouraging reactionary prejudices and sentiments."

What is missing in these stories?  There has been active involvement by right wing, hate-mongering gay-obsessed American christians, in fueling hate outside the US, in Africa, and in Russia.

Scott Lively claims credit for both the Ugandan and Russian antigay laws, and has lobbied for both.  Despite currently being chaged with human rights violations, Lively continues to promote antigay Russian activity.  It's not just Scott Lively.  And who is funding him?

In addition, Lively is considered instrumental in promoting African oppression of LGBT people. 

Please pardon my links.   Some of them are not the best.  I prefer original sources, when I can find them.  The most important thing, that I want to express here, is that whenever possible the influence of American Fundamentalists in Africa, Russia, and Eastern Europe, is a form of cultural colonialism and should be stated as such.

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