Does anyone else feel conflicted about circumcision?  On the one hand, I can understand why many people are outraged over it because of the ethical and safety issues with the practice.  On the other hand, I personally do find circumcised men to be hot.  Does this make me hypocritical and do you ever feel conflicted about this?   

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I was circumcised 67 years ago, after birth. At the time nearly ALL Australian boys were "done" Consequently, when European immigration began after WWII, these immigrant boys @ our school appeared "abnormal" to us. Medical opinion here is now that it is a "mutilating" proccedure, although I note that there is some evidence that circumcision may lower transmission of HIV. At my age, my libido is now non-existent, so the issue has become irrelevant to me. However, I must agree with Neon Genesis, that when I was sexually active, I preferred circumcised men!
Well darling, rest assured that even if circumcision were outlawed, you'd have to wait at least 18 years before you saw any legally fuckable uncircumcised men, so either way your moral dilemma is moot. Hooray, feel conflicted no more!
You guys are funny! But seriously, I wish I had my foreskin. I never really understood the practice. Neon my preference is the guys with the extra skin.... So whether all you men out there are cut or uc there will always be someone out there that wants to play with your willy.



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