Civil Partnership with the institutionalised discrimination and lack of parenting rights it includes will soon be an option for LGBT couples in Ireland.

So here's what happened.

And some letters in response.

The best thing about this bill is that it will help a few couples with specific legal problems out but the real weight of it is the dramatic shift in the Irish mindset and general situation it indicates. Homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland in 1993 and since then people have become much more liberally minded on the issue.

The Catholic Church have spoken out directly against this bill and the entire Irish Dáil (Parliament) ignored them to vote in favour of it. This is highly unusual and hopefully marks the beginning of the end of Church involvement in Irish government.

My only fear, and it's shared by many LGBT activists here, is that this step forward could make people stop fighting for equality or more likely make the government stop listening to the LGBT community yet again.

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Will compulsory vegetarianism be on the agenda in 50 years?

Hahaha! At least he didn't throw human animal/non-human animal marriages into the mix.

I've just been thrilled with this news! It's great to see the stranglehold the Church has had crumbling.

It didn't take us long to go from domestic partnership to civil unions to marriage in Vermont. Weddings are good for business. People are very practical.

Some may stop fighting for equality, but I suspect a lot of people won't give up until they get equal rights.


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