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...no coherent jurisprudential against [marriage equality] — no principled legal view that can resist it.” Furthermore, the bishops’ campaigns against same-sex marriage “are hurting the church.” Especially for the young, Catholicism is coming to symbolize repression.

Catholics are mistaken to think that natural law requires them to oppose same-sex marriage.

The strictures of natural law were meant to structure an enchanted world — but if the enchantment is gone, the law becomes a pointless artifact of a defunct Christian culture  (he explains "enchanted world" in the article - apparently a world that is now gone, a world without science,without modernism, and without the sexual revolution.)

“And if,” ... “heterosexual monogamy so lacks the old, enchanted metaphysical foundation that it can end in quick and painless divorce, then what principle allows a refusal of marriage to gays on the grounds of a metaphysical notion like the difference between men and women?

I'm not sure the article is really giving a conservative Catholic argument in support of marriage equality.  Catholic "thought" for me is so much hocus pocus.

Still, I found it interesting that at least this conservative Catholic no longer opposes marriage equality.

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Wow.  This is an actual chink in what has up to this point been very nearly adamantine armor.  I'm genuinely intrigued and encouraged, if only mildly.  Doubtless the church will denounce his statement, even as they spin the more generous words coming from Pope Francis.  Bob Donahue will have a kitten and a cat about it, no doubt ... but a few catholics who read it might be emboldened by his words and take yet one more step away from the implacable authority that attempts to dictate their lives.

It's one more step.  One more very welcome step.

Is this what Roman Catholics believe, we live in a god-haunted, enchanted world? What mentally healthy, mature, adult would want to live in such a condition? 

“There are much better ways than opposing same-sex marriage for teaching the essential God-hauntedness, the enchantment, of the world,”

~ Joseph Bottum,  “The Things We Share: A Catholic’s Case for Same-Sex Marriage,” published Friday on the Web site of Commonweal magazine.

From Mr. Bottum's essay:

"One understanding of the sexual revolution ... is ... to disconnect sex from what previous eras had thought the deep stuff of life: God, birth, death, heaven, hell ... the transfer of the moral center of human worry about the body away from sex...."

That's an unreservedly good thing!



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