Life is so weird.


among other things....  

I met some participants from a recent meeting - including a married Christian couple who minister to male prostitutes, and a woman who self-defines as "queer" and who left the church because of its attitude towards homosexuality.




"What we try and do is help the person live the most faithful, God-honouring life that they can through their understanding of where God is leading them."

This open-ended approach will frustrate both traditionalist and progressive Christians.

But few can argue with the fact that Andrew Marin's foundation has enabled many conservative churches to begin open discussions about sexuality for the first time.


I haven't been to a gay bar in, say, 15 years.  The last time I was in Chicago was 10 years ago.  Still, I just want to tell him, "go away!  get outa here.  I won't bring gay and atheism to your damn church, you stay away from us"


But there's free speech and all.  

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I live in Chicago and had no idea this was going on, but then I'm not a big bar person.  How disgusting.  It's bad enough having these people come to my home knocking on my door.  These people are like roaches. 


Funny quote from the article.  This guy moves into Boystown and then "one by one, each friend told him that they were gay - and he says the news came as a complete surprise."  LOL  Reminds me of the phrase, "Birds of a feather......."  My guess is he's just another, oh-so-common closeted Xtian homosexual. 


There are plenty of very welcoming churches for LGBT's.  Why would we want to associate with a fundamental church that has to go out of their way to welcome us?  I grew up and was raised attending church (the United Church of Christ, probably the most liberal protestant church denomination there is) but I just can't get into the mindset and begin to understand the Xtian fundamentalist.  To me, their minds are in scary, dark place.  

It did set of a little of my gaydar too - I hate to accuse someone of being a closet case when I know almost nothing about them, but there is that something about this story.


What you say about them being like roaches did resonate with me.  ick.

My gut feeling tells me he isn't winning over very many converts.  I hope I'm right!  The majority of bar patrons in boystown are from the younger generation.  Not all, but a large portion.  And we all know this generation is less religious and more skeptical of organized religion than any previous generation. 


I agree on that, but I'm concerned there is less critical thinking.  Regardless, I think he's creepy.
The creepy part to me is that sentence in the article ending in, "Marin Foundation's refusal to define its own position on Christian sexual ethics."  WTF?  He's proselytizing based on his conscious and intentional decision to focus on other's sexual orientation. Yet, he can't come out and state his position on that very issue.  I think I smell a rat in the cheese factory.
Meanwhile they claim gay people "recruit".



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