I have a very simple comment on the Dear Abby article which appeared here, to wit: read and enjoy!


DEAR ABBY: My husband and I relocated to Florida a little over a year ago and were quickly welcomed into our new neighbors' social whirl. Two couples in the neighborhood are gay -- one male, one female. While they are nice enough, my husband and I did not include them when it was our turn to host because we do not approve of their lifestyle choices. Since then, we have been excluded from neighborhood gatherings, and someone even suggested that we are bigots!

Abby, we moved here from a conservative community where people were pretty much the same. If people were "different," they apparently kept it to themselves. I don't feel we should have to compromise our values just to win the approval of our neighbors. But really, who is the true bigot here? Would you like to weigh in? -- Unhappy in Tampa

DEAR UNHAPPY: I sure would. The first thing I'd like to say is that regardless of what you were told in your previous community, a person's sexual orientation isn't a "lifestyle choice." Gay people can't change being gay any more than you can change being heterosexual.

From where I sit, you may have chosen the wrong place to live because it appears you would be happier in a less integrated neighborhood surrounded by people who think the way you do. But if you interact only with people like yourselves, you will have missed a chance for growth, which is what you have been offered here. Please don't blow it.

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someone even suggested that we are bigots!  That's because they are bigots.

Gee, ya think?!? [wry chuckle]

Now that I think of it, my wife and I went to Otani's, a really good hibachi restaurant, this past Friday, to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Among those seated at our hibachi table were a young gay couple, along with a third family group.  That they were gay was, to use a pet phrase of mine, "intuitively obvious."  Did it matter to any of the rest of us?  Not so's you'd notice!  We chatted over dinner about numerous subjects, along with the other party as though NOTHING WAS WRONG.

Funny thing ... nothing was!

The current "Abigail Van Buren", Jeanne Phillips, worthily follows in the footsteps of her late mother, Pauline Phillips (as quoted in her obituary, and a collection of her "most helpful advice"):

Dear Abby: Two men who claim to be father and adopted son just bought an old mansion across the street and fixed it up. We notice a very suspicious mixture of company coming and going at all hours — blacks, whites, Orientals, women who look like men and men who look like women. This has always been considered one of the finest sections of San Francisco, and these weirdos are giving it a bad name. How can we improve the neighborhood? — Nob Hill Residents

Dear Residents: You could move.

... a person's sexual orientation isn't a "lifestyle choice." Gay people can't change being gay ...

Somehow there's less demand for, say, Catholics or Baptists to switch to another religion, even though such choices are possible!

GC, I think we should start doing that.  Maybe when confronted by a Catholic, we can tell them we disapprove of their lifestyle, and demand they change to Raëlian.  


But-but-but ... extra ecclesiam, nulla salus. You can't be SAVED without them. Of course, you can't be jerked around BY them, either!

Somehow, I don't see the Plus-and-Minus favoring Frankie and company there.





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