As many of you are aware, Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill is going up for a vote very soon. And who else should endorse it but our favorite bigot, Tony Perkins.

He says: "American liberals are upset that Ugandan [President Yoweri Museveni] is leading his nation in repentance–afraid of a modern example of a nation prospered by God?"

I wasn't aware that Uganda was a prospering nation, Tony. If that's how God blesses those who blindly carry out his will, then science save us from that fate.

This is yet another clear example of Christian dominionism out of control.

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David, I've started to think of those people as just pure hate.  They aren't even promoting christianity now.  Just hate, after hate, after hate.  They have no positive essence to their being.  If we could do a breeding experiment and cross, say, Maggie Gallagher with Tony Perkins, and Kalley Yanta with Scott Lively, then breed their offspring together, the result would be a creature of such pure hate as to blind all viewers with it's visual bile.  

Then again, breeding experiments usually go awry.  The offspring might be Tiny Tim.



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