Leave it to A|N's own Steve Shives to take one of the most infantile bigotries humankind has ever known and drill it through its idiotic little head.

Take it away, Steve!!!

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What about Alexander the Great, the liberal Athenians and the militaristic Spartans. I'm sure they wouldn't tolerate homophobia.

I guess some guy's were just born into the wrong culture at the wrong time.

Loren thanks for posting. steve Seems like a really great guy!

I deal with various shades of homophobia regularly. Not usually in a big way although the who was largely responsible for me leaving a workplace 3 years ago, is now manager where I work now. I cant say for sure shes a homophobe but people dont uslly say " Im harassing you because you are gay"

Homophobia is dehumanizing, deprives people of equal rights snd privileges. It deprives straight people of the talents and dedication of LGBT people, when a good worker is driven out of a workplace, and it deprives families of the support and love their LGBT son daughter or child / parent / sibling or other relative leaves the community due to mistreatment.

The fact is. stupid homophobes are often screwing themselves due to their own assholery.

Steve is absolutely worth your time, SB.  He's funny and quirky and sharp as a stinking tack!  His "An Atheist Reads..." series, wherein he reads, comments on and generally dismantles christian apologetics books,  is flat-out excellent.

Here is his YouTube channel.  Please have a look and enjoy!

Thanks, Loren, for this Steve Shives comment. You introduced me to him months ago and I find him to be clear, precise, descriptive and accurate in his comments about religion. He is funny, even as he is wise. A great combination!

I'm reposting. 

Enjoyed the video. Homophobia is bigotry.




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