A month after recording his "It gets better" video, 19 year old Eric James Borges commited suicide.




To be honest, he looks rather depressed in his video.



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Me too.  And you are right - however we go about it, we have to make it better.  

The Nerd's right, we have to make it better. With Republicorp invested in wedge issues such as homophobia, the near future doesn't look bright.

It's so tiresome.  The Republican primaries have mainly been about "I'm the most homo-obsessed person who can beat that Mormon".  It's made me not want to look at news - constant drumming about how "the gays" should not have rights, and viewing LGBT people as "people" will destroy    America.  That constant drumming must have an effect as far as making homophobes bolder, and making vulnerable people have even less self esteem.

It's a bit schizophrenic tho - more states with movement to equality, and certainly a president and executive branch that are the most supportive of any in US history.

This is unbearable. And once again this kids problems can be traced directly back to RELIGION!

Yeah, his words definitely don't sound sincere in the video.  How peculiar...



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