The Navigators is an inclusive scouting organization that does not discriminate.  Their numbers are growing.

The Boy Scouts of America, now infamous for discriminatory policies and practices, against atheists and gay kids,  as well as being an organization with a history of buried sexual abuse allegations, catholic-style, is in decline.  BSA is still the Goliath to Navigators' nonviolent David.  But one can hope for some evolution.

I wish there was a Navigators' group when I was a cub and boy scout.  It would have been a good memory, and character building.

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Another "David", that I've heard about before, is Scouting For All.

GC thanks for that info.  The more the merrier!

Sorry, I wasn't precisely correct: Scouting For All isn't an alternative scouting organization; rather they work towards getting BSA to become inclusive.



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