Homophobic straight man spends a year pretending to be gay - including telling his religious parents.  Now comes out as straight, plans to write book.

I'm skeptical, and yet I'll probably read his book.  I wonder what his parents said when he said "never mind!"

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I don't know. I am so done with two groups: religious people and homophobes. Often the two overlap. I am done being tortured and torturing myself. It just keeps me in a constant state of agitation. I'll win my battles in court.

I don't know either.  On the one hand, I wonder if he's really just fighting against a subconscious, or even conscious, same sex attraction himself, while denying it all the way.  On the other hand, there is an appearance of sincerity.  Could someone really lie to their family stating they are gay?  It seems like a betrayal.  Also, isn't it a bit early to come out with this information BEFORE writing his book?  I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I do have doubts.  The report is really rather shallow.

The report is shallow, yes. I have to wonder if the guy is perhaps secretly some variety of *not straight,* because, of course, in cases of extreme homophobia, particularly coupled with religious zealotry, this is often the case.

This just seems a rather extreme and bizarre thing to do, that's all. 

Totally.  If and when his book comes out, it will be very interesting.

Well, there is always our assumption that homophobic straight = gay.  Who the hell knows...

Yeah, you're right, who knows.

However, it's still weird.

I think I could pass as straight, tell everyone I'm hetero, and then write a book 'Straight Like Me".

LOL. However, there is nothing challenging about being straight, so that would make for a rather boring book...

In all seriousness, though, if it turns out he is sincere with this, great. If it turns out he isn't, this will have been the most epically creative trolling of us EVER, and that is saying something.



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