Same-sex marriage is legal as of about a minute ago in New York! It's a step in the right direction, at the very least. i don't know much more than that, it being it just came out.

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That's amazing.  I honestly prepared myself to beleive that would not pass.

Yay!  We win!



Next up:  Texas?
Ummm ... just WHAT are you smoking there?!?  [grin!]
Yeah.  Not likely.  We still have the sodomy laws, because Rick Perry loves them so much.  Even though they have been ruled unconstitutional.  I suppose it is more important to pass legislation about praying for rain, etc.:(
Not that it affects me.  I ain't the marrying kind.
Maybe we need to get Rick Perry a 12 pack of beer and a drinking buddy with no standards....  nah.

Loren also posted this in Atheist News, likely more comments there.  Andrew Cuomo is my next boyfriend.  Oh wait, he's straight.....

You never know...

Andrew if you are reading this, just friend me.  We'll make it private from there.  No one will have to know. 
Thanks for the shout-out, guy.



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