As a veteran myself,this is the kind of thing that really gets under my skin. They tell me that my morale will go down because a fellow soldier is openly gay/bi? HORSESHIT. I don't care what you do as long as you can aim & shoot.

Any thoughts?

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Recently, SNL News Update said something like, gay men are asking, please take away 18 months of my freedom, put my life in danger, for the chance that I might see somebody's wiener.
The USA is an embarassment around the world, due to our religious based puritanical ideas.
The Republicans actually argued that we can not allow gays in the military, like the rest of the world, because we have too many Christian soldiers, who would be offended. This of course, is a blatant violation of church/state separation.
Gays have always been in the military and always will be in the military. What is being asked, is it fair to discriminate against someone when their orientation becomes known? So far, our government believes that Christian belief trumps the dedication of military people, who are LGBT.

When I was a soldier a generation ago, nobody cared that I liked men. I spent much of my enlistment on missle bases and listening posts in Turkey. All they cared about was I did my job. I felt respected and needed, and never worried about someone coming after me because of my sexual orientation. Maybe that came later, or maybe it was the circumstances around me, but military life was where I found myself. There were others too. I am a veteran, and while not on the battlefield, there was danger, soldiers were killed, and it was no different for gay or bi.
Being a Veteral as well, I can vouch for the fact that no body gave a damn what your personal life was all about. I knew many Gay friends in service that fought just as hard, gave just as much, and never had a problem with their units or fellow service men/women. Gays have always been in the various services, and always will. It's just a shame that the mindset in our country is still in the 1100s instead of the 21st century, thanks to the church.

DADT and the Liberal support for militarism.

DADT and the Liberal support for militarism.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the Liberal Militarist Diversion

"What remains unaddressed by critics... is the direct link between the rhetoric of the movement in favor of the repeal of DADT and the intensification of U.S. military involvement in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Even a brief consideration of the claims made by Choi and his fellow activists makes it clear that the campaign in favor of the repeal depends on an uncritical acceptance of U.S. militarism and military culture. ... what you will not hear in the statements by Choi is any reference to the oppression of foreign civilian populations at the hands of U.S. soldiers... . In fact, Choi has openly expressed his desire to redeploy to Iraq if reinstated in the Army. "  -

quote from the 60's anti war movement:
"What if they gave a war and nobody came?"
(source unknown)

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