They probably define "humanity" as one white man and one white woman.  After all, everyone knows He put on earth Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

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They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone?  Groovy - I reserve the right not to give them my business ... and encourage others to do the same!

Sauce for the goose, fellas...

Now wait a minute! You made that name up, didn't you?  Are you serious?  There really IS an NOPMSW?  I am in stiches.

No confusion. I thought it funny.

The thread is entitled, "Good Christians, No Doubt..." I submit they are good Christians. OK, "good" being a relative term here. Are they "good" in the sense of being decent, moral, compassionate humans? Obviously not.

As devotees of the Christian cult, however, I submit they should be considered members in good standing. Christians, like all other cults, cherry pick their holy books to justify their beliefs. In their estimation, LGBT people have "cooties." Ergo, Leviticus is justification for their hatred. And, like the prols in Orwell's 1984, they all join in for their various and sundry "hate fests," orchestrated by their leaders, to prove what good devotees they really are.  Problem is, they'll spout Leviticus' ban on homosexuality while eating a cheeseburger (banned by Deuteronomy), or having shrimp cocktail (banned in Leviticus), all the while wearing cotton and polyester blend clothing (again, good 'ole Leviticus).

You know your god is man-made when he hates all the same people you do. 

Many people consider NOM a shill for the catholic church.  Knights of Columbus is a major funder - also a catholic organization.  A lot of the funding comes from the catholic church, although following the money, there has been Mormon involvement as well.  They have also fought to prevent release of their funding records.  The combination of catholic and mormon involvement reminds me of the scene in animal farm, where the farmers and the pigs are at the same table and no one can tell which is which.

"The Church hierarchy invested nearly $2 million in the failed attempts to write discrimination into the Minnesota constitution and stem marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. Dioceses from across the country supported these efforts financially"

Also at the

By having this supposedly "independent" group spouting antigay messages, the catholic leadership gets to say, "see, it's not just us".  

NOM has also worked to increase international hostility against Starbucks, who supported marriage equality in WA state.  Theytried to target Starbucks in officially homophobic, muslim countries.  Potentially, that could have resulted in violence against Starbucks franchises in those countries,  but that effort seems to be forgotten now.



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