Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new here and I just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm gay, not quite forty, living in NYC, atheist (I kinda prefer the term non-theist but that's another discussion!)

At any rate, I'm hoping to find a space away from religion and all the damage it's done to me.  I'm certain my story/background isn't anywhere near the trauma some of you have had to cope with.  I wasn't raised a fundie or anything, but everyone's scars are different.

Raised Catholic and still reeling from it.  Try as I might I can't find anything positive about religion.  In my mind, at least, the roots of homophobia all go back to the big three (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) religions and it drives me crazy when adherents claim otherwise.  "Oh, it's just a question of interpretation."  That kind of thing.  Yeah, I know Stalin and Castro weren't very kind to homosexuals... but frightened gay kids in the heartlands don't kill themselves because some atheists are mean.  It all goes back to religion and I don't know why people can't process that.

I'm just grateful that I had The Beatles, Doctor Who, and The Muppets to keep me alive!

Anyways, I hope to "meet" good people here.  My best wishes to all of you!


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Best wishes to you Kieran, and welcome to the LGBTQ nontheist group!

Hi Kieran! Doctor Who and the Beatles are the perfect mix! What do you think of the new Doctor?

Allo, Allo.

Matt Smith?  I like him much more than I thought I would when he was originally introduced.  Yeah... actually, he's great.  But deep in the back of my mind I do kinda hope that at some point we can get back to the older Doctor archetype...  Baker, Pertwee, etc.  I can totally understand why they're skewing younger in this day and age, though.

Very, VERY excited about the recent recovery of those two lost episodes... The one from Galaxy Four and the Underwater Menace.  Can't wait to get those on DVD!

Welcome Kieran.

Hello Kieran. I feel the same way about the big three religions.

But anyway, I hope you feel welcome here. 



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